Silver and gold unboxing. Pamp Suisse, Engelhard, Maple Leaf & Britannia | Silver Unboxing

Silver and gold unboxing. Pamp Suisse, Engelhard, Maple Leaf & Britannia

25 Responses to Silver and gold unboxing. Pamp Suisse, Engelhard, Maple Leaf & Britannia

  1. DANNYGZERO says:

    Hey buddy check my vid on the Argor Heraeus 250g silver bar

  2. 93Weswes says:

    omg i have to get my hands on some pamp sussie silver!!!

  3. Chris Silver says:

    I’ll check it out.

  4. Silversing69 says:

    Thanks Chris. The 1kg Pamp is a heck of a chunk of silver. I have a video of it (‘silver bars..something’ on the channel with a 1kg Valcambi.

  5. Chris Silver says:

    Nice selection of bars, I want to get a PAMP silver bar at somepoint, either a 10oz 100g or 1kg.

  6. gardehusar24 says:

    I think i’ll buy a silver bar next time :-). Nice unpacking

  7. habano karlos says:

    Nice britannia, i have 25 silver 1oz ones, would love the gold one! Great video, keep stacking :)

  8. omarbaaghil says:

    keep stacking silver, silver is rarer than gold. paper money is a trash.

  9. Tonic Lime says:

    Nice choice in coins. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Silversing69 says:

    Thanks JB. I’m living in Asia at the moment. I’m also a fan of the Polar Bear and got some on order. Will post a video when they arrive.

  11. jbroon2221971 says:

    Are you in the uk, i get my silver in the uk i live in scotland im into the 1.5ounce polar bear at the moment great coin. I think pamp to high in price great vid tho cheers.

  12. loh1110 says:

    Next time check out I’ve bought from Gainsville, Apmex, and Goldmart. Only difference between these are prices of premium and shipping prices. Goldmart has the lowest premiums, shipping, and their single unit price is cheaper than the competitors lowest bulk price.

  13. stevekap1972 says:

    Great purchase, Keep on stacking.

  14. Silversing69 says:

    Thanks for leaving a comment. You will love the 2013 gold maple.

  15. lowpross11 says:

    Very Nice Maple ! I just saw the new security feature on the gold Maple coin myself just yesterday. I have the same one on lay-away.. The pamp bars are very nice, but too rich for my blood.
    Thanks for sharing! That is really nice stuff !

  16. Silversing69 says:

    I think the simple truth is a bit of both. Just so happens that the addiction has potentially useful side effects..

  17. 101platayoro says:

    Yeah,do ya think we’rejust addicted or is this really an investment?….I invoke my right to remain silent…cause i think we’d buy ’em either way! beatiful stuff you have tho,thanks for sharing.

  18. Silversing69 says:

    Thanks. Trouble is that buying urge keeps coming back..!

  19. 101platayoro says:

    Wow expensive,but admirable, taste! Nicele done….that inexplicable urge got me too! but i only bought the small golds up to the ounce…damn tho that urge didn’t go away,po’ me (lol)!!!

  20. beachbumsocal says:

    Nice additions! Keep stacking!

  21. Silversing69 says:

    Hi pipefitters, like anywhere it depends on the mint / coin / bar. I don’t think in general Asia is any cheaper than the US or elsewhere and often carries an additional premium for shipping…

  22. pipefitters1 says:

    If your in Asia, would it be cheaper to buy gold/silver in Aisa?

  23. lifelessperson1993 says:

    You should try getting some private investor coins. like Max Keiser’s recycled silver rounds or Chris Duane’s Silver Bullet Silver Shield medallions, they are sweet works of art… Cheers!

  24. lifelessperson1993 says:

    keep stacking :)

  25. Silver Stack says: