Unboxing APMEX and Packaging Review | Silver Unboxing

Unboxing APMEX and Packaging Review

To skip the intro, fast-forward to 0:23 * * ) Four tubes of silver Maples, a couple of ozs of gold (eventhough I’m a silver guy), and a “Mystery Box”. …

SD Bullion

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2 Responses to Unboxing APMEX and Packaging Review

  1. loh1110 says:

    Next time check out Goldmart.com. I’ve bought from Gainsville, Apmex, and Goldmart. Only difference between these are prices of premium and shipping prices. Goldmart has the lowest premiums, shipping, and their single unit price is cheaper than the competitors lowest bulk price.

  2. SilverSanctum says:

    – Thanks. Yep, I like those PAMP gold bars too 🙂 .
    – Each tube has 25 coins of the 1oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf. (I’ve uploaded the vid of opening those too.)
    – The black box has a gold panda “scallop” shape coin inside. (I have the vid opening that too. I’ll upload it as soon as time permits.