Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver Unboxing | Silver Unboxing

Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver Unboxing

Yes I preordered both Pokemon Heart Gold and Pokemon Soul Silver. Each game cost 59.90 USD on Play-Asia. I paid 136.70 USD for both of them, I chose Fedex an…
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24 Responses to Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver Unboxing

  1. dennis robinson says:

    Are u friggin loaded?

  2. Yuhang Tee says:

    Both heart gold and soul silver are almost the same-_-

  3. Dragonical68 says:

    so everyone here wanted to see a dude unpackage stuff?

  4. Leonel Munoz says:

    Yea You dumass

  5. sai troan says:

    you can still play those in 3ds right??

  6. SolarArrow says:

    Fun Fact: This was read out for the YouTube Announces The Nominees For Best Video (Day 1) video at 6:35:17 mark.

  7. Joemille Galera says:

    I just bought both for $80

  8. kingdra9999 says:

    Didn’t you get charged from fedex, I did for buying a Professor Layton game..

  9. jdvidal0128 says:

    Hey! I am Asian too!

  10. Mega911Gamer says:

    Are you in the us?

  11. Claudia Pascoal says:

    are u gise on

  12. madnuga01X says:

    I had the video on private, but then I decided to put it back on public viewing. That’s why it says I uploaded it on June.

  13. Mega911Gamer says:

    I remember seeing this video a couple years ago but it says that u uploaded it in June

  14. madnuga01X says:

    Nope. Middle classed

  15. Mega911Gamer says:

    not trying to be racists but are your parents one of them rich Japanese folks?

  16. gowhalers1 says:

    the camera died i now im also a year late -_-

  17. lordofdeath932 says:

    why did u order japenese instead of english

  18. jcabrera1096 says:

    1. Go to the app store
    2. Download app trailers
    3. Enter bonus code: cabrera96
    4. Get free 20$ itunes card

  19. mariossbb29 says:

    No because he cut a part out, i think

  20. ThuyVy Nguyen says:

     it’s cuz he paused and filmed again and the image just change a lil

  21. Mewhacker says:

    what i miss most is that trading pokemons with friends is no fun anymore. so a lot people purchase both versions so did i.

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