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APMEX Unboxing

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  1. ZombiePrep236 says:

    What is heavyer 1 gram or 1/10 of an oz?

  2. ishalalwayspaintball says:

    gold can be finer than silver with 4 9’s silver can only go to 3…. if silver is 999 it is fine as can be if gold it 9999 it is also fine as can be

    if the silver (or gold) it will have a differant number than 9 in it .993 isnt considered fine

  3. TheReal Johne says:

    .9993 means there is .0003% copper (e.g. American Silver Eagle) .9999 is pure silver (e.g. Canadian Silver Maple Leaf) V-logger doesn’t a thing about purities.

  4. loh1110 says:

    Next time buy from Goldmart.com. I’ve bought from Gainsville, Apmex, and Goldmart. Only difference between these are prices of premium and shipping prices. Goldmart has the lowest premiums, shipping, and their single unit price is cheaper than the competitors lowest bulk price.

  5. GoldAndSilver7771 says:

    I love ur videos im a huge gold and silver collector to is there anything u are selling and another question i have been on apmex but i dont really but silver online what is the best and safest place to buy it?

  6. Devin Hansen says:

    NRA rules packers suck!!!

  7. samtheman773 says:

    yes its safe

  8. ketekun neangrith says:

    i just bought some silver from apmex ,is it safe ?it my first time buying this kind of thing online plz reply

  9. samtheman773 says:

    no idea look it up

  10. samtheman773 says:

    not really at all! thanks for watching

  11. PR4470 says:

    is there a big difference between .999 and 9999 as far as value? thanks in advance.

  12. Clinton Stonge says:

    I’d take it out

  13. jkrogstad5 says:

    how much was silver when u bought it?

  14. samtheman773 says:

    i dont think you can open it and re seal it, no

  15. LARC448 says:

    so its sealed? u cant take it out and put it back in?

  16. samtheman773 says:

    most people keep it in the sealed assay to prove its weight and purity

  17. LARC448 says:

    can you get the gold bullion out of the casing? or do you have to rip it off? will it affect the price? thanyou

  18. TheJebus88 says:

    ok!! thanks !! take care!!

  19. samtheman773 says:

    oh ok lol, i think a little under $70, but gold has gone up since then

  20. TheJebus88 says:

    wanted to know how much it cost him the gold?

    forgiveness is the fucking translator

  21. samtheman773 says:


  22. TheJebus88 says:

    As gram of gold cost?

  23. samtheman773 says:

    yea man!

  24. samtheman773 says:

    sweet, theyre really beautiful!

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