Another Silver Gold Bull unboxing | Silver Unboxing

Another Silver Gold Bull unboxing

Another Silver Gold Bull unboxing

First off a big THANK YOU to all who watched the Silver Gold Bull contest video. A special thanks to Silverfish VT. This video is a small 4oz unboxing from S…

SD Bullion

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25 Responses to Another Silver Gold Bull unboxing

  1. nick540 says:

    Thanks so much! Will check out Cache Metals

  2. mantiscity says:

    Where do you order from?

  3. nick540 says:

    Sure, i will do a vid when i am back out west to show the two coins in more detail. They are very nice. I think the Polar bear was a one time deal, but its hard to know what the mint will do. Would make a great series for sure.

  4. nick540 says:

    thanks David, I am glad you are enjoying the videos!

  5. nick540 says:

    thanks, yes it does look good in the airtite. Will do a video when i get back.

  6. nick540 says:

    Thanks silverfish, You were a big help, the views went up by more then 100. I owe you one! Thank you.

  7. nick540 says:

    Hi, I am currently living in british Columbia but need to move here for work as there is not many jobs opportunities where i am from.I will check out the Mississauga shop. thanks for the info and glad you like the videos!

  8. nick540 says:

    Thanks adamcook717, will for sure check them out and give them a chance.

  9. nick540 says:

    Yes it is too bad, but i did get $20 off which is nice. Thanks for the support and for watching the videos. I will check downtown as you recommended. many thanks!

  10. nick540 says:

    Thanks for the info. Will for sure call ahead before going.

  11. nick540 says:

    Thank you. Yeah I did a google maps but wanted to know more about peoples personal experience/pricing. Thanks for the comment.

  12. nick540 says:

    Thank you!

  13. nick540 says:

    Thank you! yes, some nice coins for sure, especially the Bison coin.

  14. nick540 says:

    Thank you Silversing69!

  15. nick540 says:

    Yeah its been a rough 8 months now. I appreciate the support. I like the Chris Duane rounds but understand how some people might be disappointed.Thanks for watching!

  16. nick540 says:

    Thank you Drewsjeep. I really appreciate that and glad you are enjoyed the video.

  17. nick540 says:

    Thanks Lanceoa, its going pretty good so far. The bison is nice but i agree its hard to get a good shot of them due to the coins detail.

  18. nick540 says:

    Thanks I appreciate the info.

  19. 101platayoro says:

    Love the new O Canadas can u do a seperate video about them? what is the story on the new 11/2 oz polar bear is it the start of a new series of wildlifes or just some special commemorative thing?

  20. David DeRoche says:

    keep up the good work.

  21. DiggingNorway says:

    keep stacking nick! The Polar bear will look awsone in the Air-tite

  22. silverfish VT says:

    Nick, I was REALLY pulling for you! Im glad that you got something out of it however, free shipping is better than nothing. Really nice buys!

  23. MrCameroniker says:

    I like your videos. Where are you from at the moment? If you’re moving to toronto, there is a good place in North York called Toronto Gold Bullion, and I recently discovered a little shop at Square One in Mississauga. I’m from Burlington, so for me, making the trip to Toronto is a once in a while occasion.

  24. adamcook717 says:

    I don’t know about Toronto, but in Richmond Hill which isn’t too far. Canadian Precious metal exchange. They have a website just google them.

  25. Nick Sousa says:

    to bad you didnt win, but SGB has the other contest closing soon so good luck if you entered that one. good luck with your move
    theres a few places in the downtown area along with other shops around the city you can get gold and silver one i have been to a few times now is the bullion mart