Silver Unboxing #2 – 40 ounces from Silver Gold Bull. | Silver Unboxing

Silver Unboxing #2 – 40 ounces from Silver Gold Bull.

Another silver order from Silver Gold Bull. 20 oz of 1oz A-Mark Liberty rounds 10 oz of 1/2oz Walking Liberty rounds 5oz of 1/10oz Walking Liberty rounds 5oz…

SD Bullion

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14 Responses to Silver Unboxing #2 – 40 ounces from Silver Gold Bull.

  1. Silver Vince says:

    very nice, wish i had the money to buy more bulkier orders like yours! definitely like the buffalos you got

  2. TheBudgetStacker says:

    liberty rounds wowo love those

  3. TheBudgetStacker says:

    great vid thanks for showing and splitting the shipping cost is a great idea

  4. CrushingSteve says:

    Very nice!

  5. SilvrStakr says:

    Thank you Gold.

    I did not get a tube of the buffalo rounds this time because i only had enough in my silver budget to get the 5. I picked up the tube of A-mark rounds instead as they were $0.30 off per ounce. Plus i really wanted to get some of the half ounce Liberty Walking rounds.I already have a tube of Maples, and am thinking some Pandas are in my future as well. I will most likely get more of the Philharmonics, and i may get some Eagles as well. I do have 1 Taku, but didn’t really like it.

  6. SilvrStakr says:

    Thanks for the comment.

  7. SilvrStakr says:


  8. SilvrStakr says:

    Thanks. There will definitely be more videos.

    I did one order with PMH and it was actually a really bad experience. From the time i paid until the time they shipped was well over a month. I ended up getting my things from them within a week of them going bankrupt. I honestly think the only reason they shipped to me at all is because i got pissed off enough to call them and post on their facebook pretty much every day to ask them what was going on, and tell them that their service was horrible.

  9. SilvrStakr says:

    Thank You. They are definitely great to deal with, and they have to have the best customer service i have seen anywhere in a long time.

    Subbed you back as well.

  10. gold maple says:

    I love your pickups from silver gold bull. The rounds are gorgeous especially the Buffalo Rounds. I was wondering why you did not order a tube of 20 Buffalo rounds initially, but just ordered 5. Also, I was wondering if you were getting any tubes of Chinese Silver Pandas, Canadian Maple Leafs, Austrian Philharmonics, American silver Eagles or Fijian Silver Takus. I would especially love to see you pick up some Fijian Silver Takus or a 5 oz Lunar Dragon or Snake or Taku.

  11. GSilvermani says:

    I live in Ontario Precious metal house was also great place to bad they went belly up, but I’ve never had a problem with sgb in fact they give me free gloves ect.. great company great vid and great stack thumbed & subbed:) keep the vids flowing:)

  12. Double66s says:

    Nice addition to your stack!! Silver Gold Bull is my favorite place to buy my bullion as well, for all the same reasons, fast shipping, great packaging, prices are awsome and wonderfull people to deal with!
    Sub your channel.

  13. yttst01 says:

    Nice variety!

  14. Tonic Lime says:

    Nice additions!

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