Silver Purchase: Silver Gold Bull Unboxing | Silver Unboxing

Silver Purchase: Silver Gold Bull Unboxing

Do you have coin roll hunting questions? Visit our website: My brother and I always try to add to our silver stack …
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SD Bullion

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25 Responses to Silver Purchase: Silver Gold Bull Unboxing

  1. CanadaCoinHunting says:

    Thank you silverboss! I have to agree that these bars are very nice. I appreciate you taking the time to watch and comment! 🙂

  2. CanadaCoinHunting says:

    Thanks buddy. I am very happy that I found SGB, as I found it very difficult to find decent shipping to Canada. It is a great site and I recommend them for sure. All the best my friend!

  3. CanadaCoinHunting says:

    Thank you for taking the time to comment mkmstillstackin! These are our first JM bars and we really like them. I found your channel a few days ago and I love your videos. I have pretty much seen them all at this point, so I look forward to your future videos. 🙂

  4. CanadaCoinHunting says:

    Thank you very much razzor for your kind words. I am glad that you enjoy the videos and, having checked out your channel, I have similarly subbed to yours. All the best and thanks again.

  5. silverboss1000 says:

    Real nice I love the design

  6. LoneAxiom says:

    Sick pick up guys, love those bars! Great addition to the stack. I might have to give Silver Gold Bull a try myself in the future. 

  7. mkmstillstackin says:

    Very nice. I don’t believe i own any johnson mathey bars, (other than maybe 1 or 2) but would love to own some (more) one day. i agree, i much prefer bars that come sealed in plastic. love the subject matter. just subbed.

  8. TheOLDcoins says:

    yeah. im selling some 90%silver coins! you want to buy?

  9. CanadaCoinHunting says:

    Thank you so much for the kind words M4D! I share your sentiments on the JM bars. All the best! 🙂

  10. CanadaCoinHunting says:

    Thank you MSM! We are definitely trying to take advantage of these prices. All the best and thank you for watching! 🙂

  11. CanadaCoinHunting says:

    We have seen such a drop in the past epohnopulse. Silver hit almost $50 in 1980 and then fell to under $5 on two separate occasions after that in the early 1990s and 2000s.

  12. CanadaCoinHunting says:

    Thanks Glen, and I couldn’t agree more. I hope this opportunity lasts a little longer so we can all benefit from the lower prices. 🙂

  13. CanadaCoinHunting says:

    I have looked at those Sunshine bars recently too Ludamantle. I might want one of their 5 oz bars soon. 🙂 Excellent purchase buddy.

  14. CanadaCoinHunting says:

    Ah, no kidding. I was wondering if there were full tubes for bars, since I have only seen single holders. Thank you for letting me know! 

  15. CanadaCoinHunting says:

    Thanks for the comment Pd! I always appreciate you taking the time to watch and comment. 🙂

  16. rocky315w says:

    I think you might have seen this but I’m sending you the video where I have those buried bars laying out, thanks for your time

  17. rocky315w says:

    A little note 20 years ago I buried some of both bars in their sealed plastic containers. Well the can rusted through and all the plastics were full of water but as I cut all the plastics off they were still in perfect condition as many of you saw in my inventory video. So they may look like perfect seals but they are not.

  18. CanadaCoinHunting says:

    That is awesome Johnny, and like you, I was extremely satisfied with Silver Gold Bull. I have also looked their their “Extras” section and I’m probably going to grab a Silver Maple 1 oz tube and probably the coin gloves so I can feel and look super cool when I handle the coins. 😉 I really appreciate you watching and taking the time to leave your comment. All the best!

  19. razzor1981 says:

    great channel u just earned a sub sir keep up the great stuff

  20. CanadaCoinHunting says:

    Thank you Jose, very glad that you enjoyed them. :)

  21. CanadaCoinHunting says:

    No problem SSH, thank you for watching and taking the time to comment. Silver Gold Bull is a great site, and probably the only one I will order from consistently going forward.

  22. CanadaCoinHunting says:

    Thank you Pura Plata! I greatly appreciate the kind words and I hope you enjoyed the video. 🙂

  23. CanadaCoinHunting says:

    Thank you and definitely SilverTurtle! As I mentioned in the video’s comment section, I really enjoyed your “Silver or Stocks” video; it was a must watch for a young person like myself. All the best buddy!

  24. CanadaCoinHunting says:

    Glad you enjoyed them CAD! 🙂

  25. CanadaCoinHunting says:

    Thank you Jose, I really appreciate that. Thanks for watching. 🙂