ModernCoinMart Unboxing | Silver Unboxing

ModernCoinMart Unboxing

First packages in February 2013.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

SD Bullion

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19 Responses to ModernCoinMart Unboxing

  1. WHMmetals says:

    I will send you the links in a PM as I cannot post links on a comment.

  2. Ape Man says:

    Yeah, I purchased the Freedom Girl on Feb 1st. Can you send me the link to both websites that you purchased your silver from.

    I am all for the FREE SHIPPING! Thanks Man!

  3. WHMmetals says:

    I have been really impressed with them! Which coin/coins did you pick up?

  4. vinnycenz18 says:

    Thanks for the intro to mcm! Awaiting a delivery from them as we speak!!

  5. WHMmetals says:

    Thanks I really like the Taku too, might need to get a 5oz sometime!

  6. Adam J says:

    Nice Taku. Like your knife as well

  7. WHMmetals says:

    No problem, I will have many more coming in the near future!

  8. vinnycenz18 says:

    Sweet WHM, love that taku, can’t wait to get one soon!! Vinny

  9. WHMmetals says:

    Thanks for watching. I thought so too!

  10. mf17175 says:

    Great looking coins, thanks for sharing.

  11. rocky315w says:

    I understand that is all part of the hook that draws us all in.

  12. WHMmetals says:

    Will reply soon!

  13. WHMmetals says:

    I agree that they may be on a bubble, I thought it would be nice to buy a few because I like the idea of collecting. I will continue to stack junk silver in case the bubble pops sooner than anticipated. Also I dig the look which is worth an extra couple bucks for the time being.

  14. WHMmetals says:

    Thanks so much, I’m glad the captions were perceived well. I may have to continue to throw some into my videos from time to time.

  15. WHMmetals says:

    Rest assured I wiped it down when after the video and will be in an airtight very soon.

  16. cleburne61 says:

    I sent something to your inbox….welcome sir!

  17. rocky315w says:

    Do you ever fear that the SBSS coins might have peaked now, they are having a great deal of trouble with their getting enough silver to match their demand and they aren.t making that many coins. There are so many privy marks, national coins etc, they may go the way of the comic, beany babies, pokeman cards. Turning them over might be the best prospect whilt the iron is hot. If they are having trouble getting silver now what happens as it gets more scarce. Good quality video, rocky

  18. greg williams says:

    Great vid, no editing needed lol - all great additions to your stack – love the captions to BTW, nice touch – your going really well on your goal for the month, thats awesome.
    cheers mate :-)))

  19. VetteWay2Fast says:

    I was cringing when you were touching that taku lol, they are beautiful coins but silver is silver i guess, thumbs up!

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