Huge APMEX Unboxing: Gold and Silver Bullion! | Silver Unboxing

Huge APMEX Unboxing: Gold and Silver Bullion!

24 Responses to Huge APMEX Unboxing: Gold and Silver Bullion!

  1. ozzfestAV says:

    so is the 50 dollar coin 24k gold? and is it solid gold?

  2. stephen gibson says:

    Only one once for a 9 min video weak!

  3. sanchoclos2009 says:

    Very nice collection. 

  4. Jack Meoff says:

    That gold went down a bunch huh?

  5. reign80 says:

    blah blah blah….show the god damn silver and gold.

  6. Beau C says:

    im JELLY 😛

  7. geggs1 says:

    Can you speed up you videos im a busy man 😉

  8. pklifter says:

    who is and why?

  9. wildfireman13 says:

    The price of gold never changes, the value of money does and it’s hedged by gold.

  10. billp4 says:

    You mean 8 mins too long. I think most of us get how to open a box and I think most better than this guy. A SILVER MAPLE LEAF??? OOOMMMGGG!!
    The way he was moaning about the check clearing I thought we were going to be looking at 30-40 oz of gold.

  11. billp4 says:

    I worry more about offending Hugh Jaynus.

  12. billp4 says:

    Nor particularly special.

  13. CaseModVideos says:

    Did you really have to waste 4 minutes of everyone’s life waiting for you to actually get the package open ? Other than that it was an OK video.

  14. stuntmanmike37 says:

    Why? Gold doesn’t tarnish. 

  15. circularfile2009 says:

    Nice coins. Get that gold in an airtight brother.

  16. mosterlowcarb says:

    I wouldn’t invest much in gold. Almost half of all silver mined is used for industrial purposes which makes it a better investment in my opinion. Gold just gets horded by everyone and is only useful for looking cool.

  17. Rodger Wilson says:

    oh sweet! I can’t wait to get mine!

  18. jshow420 says:

    i don’t see anything huge about this……..

  19. willz horton says:

    Very nice order. APMEX is really good on shipping but if you order with a check..It will take longer.,

  20. willz horton says:

    Paper money is not really money. its just a guaranty from the government and they can always print more, however if you do some research, gold and silver ONLY go up!

  21. C0mm3n says:

    “Just gotta break this box down real quick…so I can put it in the trash”

    You’re making a fucking video, break the box down AFTER the video you gob shite, My god, I would cut your throat with that “really sharp knife” THAT YOU DIDN’T EVEN NEED TO FUCKING USE, IT WAS PAPER YOU RETARD. I hope your house burns down you cunt!

  22. MrSUPERLUTHOR says:


  23. Silver Shine says:

    Next time, wire the money from your bank. IDK about your bank, but its free to wire money from mine. You will get the order in about a week that way.

  24. SinisterAngel1 says:

    Indeed, however banks just welcome anyone interested in depositing their money for a “small” time fee that just keep adding up by the end of the month.

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