Big APMEX Unboxing! | Silver Unboxing

Big APMEX Unboxing!

Biggest APMEX unboxing to date. I hope you enjoy, thanks for watching 🙂 1000 Mercury Dimes 7 Brilliant Uncirculated Morgan Dollars 1 American Eagle 1 Canadi…
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13 Responses to Big APMEX Unboxing!

  1. ZombiePrep236 says:

    HM i didnt get one nice mercs btw

  2. CrushingSteve says:

    Yes I believe so.

  3. ZombiePrep236 says:

    did you receive a text automatically?

  4. CrushingSteve says:

    I just have my area code.

  5. ZombiePrep236 says:

    Hi i just made made an account with apmex in my phone # do i need to put anything infront of my phone#? For ex 1 303 543 2109? Or just put in my area code

  6. CrushingSteve says:

    As I look back on it, there is definitely quite a premium. At the time, dimes was the thing I was going after, and now I’m starting to shift focus to Maples. In the long run though, if I ever plan to sell, I’m hoping the premium will stick to the price.

  7. Christopher Zimmon says:

    Hey Steve, I understand that you’ve got a thing for dimes. But the premium that you pay on those coins pretty much turns me off to them. I love the Mercury dime, it’s the premium that makes me turn my head to them. Your comments? Thanks, another very interesting video!

  8. loh1110 says:

    Next time check out I’ve bought from Gainsville, Apmex, and Goldmart. Only difference between these are prices of premium and shipping prices. Goldmart has the lowest premiums, shipping, and their single unit price is cheaper than the competitors lowest bulk price.

  9. CrushingSteve says:

    Thanks man! I’ve checked out a few of your vids, I like them!

  10. silverfish VT says:

    Wow, those Morgans are stunning. Congrats on the dimes purchases, smart move, Rocky has me converted.

  11. beachbumsocal says:

    smart choice! new subscriber to your channel. keep stacking and happy holidays!

  12. CrushingSteve says:

    Yeah! Thanks! These dimes should keep me set for a while 🙂

  13. lanceoa says:

    Wow.. that is a serious amount of dimes! Great pickups with the BU Morgs..