A Quick Silver Unboxing | Silver Unboxing

A Quick Silver Unboxing

A Small Silver Purchase.
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SD Bullion

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12 Responses to A Quick Silver Unboxing

  1. low7782 says:

    me too id be skint!!

  2. low7782 says:

    order from sarnia silver next time mate, abit cheaper more choice and very fast!! Or Guernsey mint, the dont charge VAT but you COULD get hit for it on its way in..Kepp on stackin matey

  3. jamessential says:

    Hi mate lovely collection. I have recently bought some 1oz maple leafs and have just ordered some 1oz britanias and two100gram umicore bars. Where do you buy from?

  4. BusinessmanBandit says:

    Cool Kookaburra, I Think The Perth mint Always Makes Nicest Looking Coins

  5. myparrots1 says:

    I am glad they dont have VAT on gold.

  6. SilverNottingham UK says:

    I paid it when i purchased the bullion from the web site. Common practice for silver to the UK.
    I seems like the UK GOV don’t want their public to own silver bullion for some reason hence why they are doing what the can to dissuade people form buying.

  7. TheM3Silver says:

    Thats some nice coins mate 🙂

  8. myparrots1 says:

    what is that VAT prepaid label about. Did you prepay the VAT to apmex or did you have to pay it directly to the delivery company

  9. SilverNottingham UK says:

    Thanks mate! I had to make up the oz on the 1/10’s – I have the overwhelming urge. 🙂

  10. SilverNottingham UK says:

    Thanks Mate!

  11. EpicRV says:

    Great stuff brother!

  12. greg williams says:

    good stuff – nice to have some fractionals 🙂 nice snake and kook as well

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