Silver Unboxing : Monarch Precious Metals (How They Ship It) | Silver Unboxing

Silver Unboxing : Monarch Precious Metals (How They Ship It) Sorry deleted this on accident, this is a re-upload.
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SD Bullion

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25 Responses to Silver Unboxing : Monarch Precious Metals (How They Ship It)

  1. ZZmann35 says:

    Awesome! I have a package coming this week. Ill a video… Check out the ones I have now. 25 ouce bars…. whooooooo!

  2. angelali786ra says:

    I have 925, 2 ounce silver chain

  3. RevLiSdLloGmp says:

    That knife is very sharp…I don’t have the 10oz MPM bar yet…But almost all other sizes…They are beautiful..thanks for sharing…

  4. ericbarasch123 says:

    I emailed MPM; They only put on that sticker when the value of the contents is over $200.

  5. aierce says:

    this is so cool, i wish our society still trades using gold and silver coins/bars

  6. Jim Hollywood says:

    Wow, thank you! I just checked out the silver bullion bullets. Too damned cool! I’m gettin some! I didn’t even know anyone made silver bullion shaped like bullets until I read your comment. Thanks again.

  7. Mike Thompson says:

    Thanks for the info, I purchased some from them, right after your video

  8. carbinebill30 says:

    Thanks, now everybody knows what mpm stands for and what’s inside.

  9. SwagginPenguin says:

    I have the urge to bite it

  10. jeffxl12 says:

    I think I am half way there to 100 ounces of silver. I was hoping to reach 1000 but I doubt that will happen.

    Now I see what happened. Silver dropped you sold knives to buy silver. Genius move Jeff

  11. Dylan Bennett says:

    Cool.. I live in grove city pa.. Lol

  12. oogiesmuncher says:

    lucky devil xD

  13. cutlerylover says:

    im cuterylover duh, lol, jk, I have some connections to be able to test some stuff before it comes out, Im just slow to review otherwise youd see more knife reviews of knives you dont even know about yet, lol

  14. oogiesmuncher says:

    howd you get that bronzed ripple already? Theyre not even for sale yet at retailers

  15. shittyfuck says:

    how much is the 10oz bar ?

  16. G04C4 says:

    dude… watch his new video and u will see that it is his real one and he just doesnt give a crap if people knows his adress.

  17. Nick Zanghi says:

    Holy sharpness mr. Crtt ripple!

  18. the creepers says:

    You say you are investing in silver but do you ever sell it(I know it’s way to cool to sell but have you ever sold it for more money than you bought it

  19. colbster threeohtwo says:

    hhahaha throwing it at someones face is usually my scale of measuring mass aswell.

  20. Johnny Appleseed says:

    Grammmer is dummmmn

  21. nilo drallub says:

    Jeff the knife reminds me of the “alien” movie.

  22. Zappafaux says:

    Beautiful metal. I am a dental technician and work with gold. I love polishing gold to a high gloss, very satisfying indeed.

  23. Tom1k9 says:

    what do you actually use these for or is it the joy of knowing you own a very precious metal?

  24. C172Pilotdude says:

    DSArms does that same thing. DSAINC is printed on the box

  25. ThatDamnDipper17 says:

    Hey Jeff I was just wondering where else you can buy sillier I can look it up but I trust the advice of people over a website

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