Latest silver purchase unboxing – AWESOME SILVER! | Silver Unboxing

Latest silver purchase unboxing – AWESOME SILVER!

Check out Chris Duane’s silver collection here: Buy Thermite! http://…
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24 Responses to Latest silver purchase unboxing – AWESOME SILVER!

  1. sgtsnyder88 says:

    I only just learned about Chris Duane (through this video, thnx btw) and though I don’t know much about him or his products (though I am definitely doing some research) I agree with the sentiment that unless you can prove your claims, then you’re just a troll. And that crap is getting really old

  2. InvestorVisions says:

    You should try jmbullion website, they are cheaper than most silver dealers. And if you use promo code JM3843, they will give you $10 off your first order of $300 or more.

  3. Barbarossa4U says:

    Thanks for the info on his stuff. I’m shopping around now for silver.

  4. TheLordHumungus says:

    Do you even watch/ read his stuff? Chris is one of the few people constantly talking about moving beyond the fear and anger stages of consciousness. Like I said in the video, nobody is right about everything, but that doesn’t mean he is a ‘scammer’. If you have any evidence of impropriety, let us know. Otherwise you are just a heckler.

  5. MrRedPelt says:

    Cool man. I ordered from Provident Metals last week. My first ever silver purchase. I hope they are solid. I will have to check APMEX and SBSS.

  6. TheLordHumungus says:

    Yeah I like APMEX and SBSS. APmex is best it terms of overall choices, prices, customer service etc. Everything is solid. Haven’t had any issues with them at all. In terms of designs I like the SBSS stuff the most so far.

  7. Mick Tomson says:

    I like Apmex and Silver Bullet Silver Shield. Apmex has standard Liberty coins and a few cool looking coins and bars, but the shipping time is very fast. SBSS has the best designs, in my opinion, but like thelordhumongus said, the shipping is kinda slow due to high demand.

  8. Daniel Mihaylov says:

    some awesome stuff
    too bad im still a student and cant afford any …

  9. MrRedPelt says:

    What is your favorite company to buy off?

  10. Juan Jurado says:

    Its a gorgeous piece bro

  11. Juan Jurado says:

    Ut’s a gorgeous peace

  12. Schwarze999 says:

    his message is all fear mongoring for his own financial benefit with bullshit stories. Go ahead pay a premium for a generic round of silver that will only be worth its melt value at your own risk

  13. TheLordHumungus says:

    how is he a scammer? I got what I paid for.

  14. Schwarze999 says:

    a scammer

  15. Archangelshithead2 says:

    wow way cool! i just started buying silver

  16. Mark Sixteensixteen says:


  17. TheLordHumungus says:

    I got some of them too, in a separate order. I’ll throw the video up soon.

  18. TheHundrethmonkey says:

    No freedom girls? lol. glad I jumped on the slave queens too….nice scoop bro.

  19. TheLordHumungus says:

    sweet action! Throw up a video.

  20. PharmSilver says:

    I got my proofs!!

  21. guns4funcajanajustin says:

    Sweet silver! Awesome!

  22. TheLordHumungus says:

    thanks. Yeah it’s my website. Although I don’t think there is anything wrong with people selling ads on their videos or websites, or whatever. It’s annoying if they are super long or totally unrelated or ads for shady companies, but I personally have never had a problem with people selling ads.

  23. TheLordHumungus says:

    there can be only one

  24. gentlegiant6585 says:

    Oh wow. That is a way cool coin. Will get me some of those. Thanks for posting.

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