Gainesville silver coins unboxing | Silver Unboxing

Gainesville silver coins unboxing

Just a quick unboxing, mildly disappointing discuss.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

SD Bullion

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25 Responses to Gainesville silver coins unboxing

  1. silverfish VT says:

    Im with you, I love unboxings as well. Check out the Somalia Elephants, and well as the 2013 Takus. No queen to be found.

  2. aurum2112 says:

    I cant explain why I enjoy watching other people open the package but I do. I know the feeling I have when I first open the box and somehow I feel I am sharing in other’s peoples pleasure too. I really like your videos. I wish just one commonwealth country would mint a coin without the rothschild-inbred’s image stamped on it. I want some canadian maples so bad but I just cant do it as long as queen satan has her ugly mug on it. Until then I will keep stacking eagles and libertads.

  3. kyle nagle says:

    one thing to consider about gold/silver is when its a bear market in the metals people wont touch them for 10-15 years. With stocks the recovery is much quicker because most people are more comfortable putting money into equities than in precious metals.

  4. silverfish VT says:

    I have a 401K that I use when I get the urge to buy stocks. That being said, I hate the market up here, near all time highs, with an economy that doesnt pass the eyeball test. Could I be wrong? Of course.

  5. silverfish VT says:

    They have been slow, no question. These dragons took a while to receive. Peak vacation time for the staff? High sales? Could be a number of things slowing them down.

  6. silverfish VT says:

    It wont hurt a thing. 

  7. leolookingup says:

    Anyone having problems getting shipments on time from Gainesville? Generic coins taking 3+ weeks so far. Bars have arrived faster.

  8. Elvis Florian says:

    Also I gave my mom 50oz of silver to hold and she was amazed how heavy it was she or my dad never held physical silver before so they find it strange that i started collecting it .

  9. Elvis Florian says:

    What is your opinion on putting a silver coin in a jug of water to purify it will it damage my coin if I leave it in for long duration

  10. kyle nagle says:

    Silver and goldbugs…don’t think that every dollar you have for investing has to go into metals. Don’t be afraid of stocks or other paper instruments. It’s foolish to go heavy into one asset class. If your worried about inflation dividend paying common stocks are historically a better hedge.

  11. silverfish VT says:

    It will be interesting to keep track of, I will say this, either would have been a winner.

  12. silverfish VT says:

    39 dollars each.

  13. dsafty says:

    get yourself a pocket knife and carry it with you, you’ll find you use it quite often

  14. Mar Pasal says:

    How much did you pay for these? I am new to silver. I just bought my first bar today hahah

  15. shaolin811 says:

    Good way to look at it. I have 3 dragons myself and gave one to my girlfriend as a gift. Having the rabbit IS awesome.

  16. PastorPeteT says:

    No problem, I think the dragons will win over the elephants in the end 🙂

  17. MunkeySpaz says:

    Nice unboxing! However I hear that bass in your voice, you’re a man dang it! Grab a big ass knife next time and lets see you tango! 😉

  18. Nicolas Angelis says:

    I love your videos silverfish . I ordered my 3rd silver coin today. Silver Britiania That is A staggering 3 OZ’s  lol. Best Wishes Nick

  19. MunkeySpaz says:

    I wonder if overseas people might be better off buying through a proxy within the U.S? How they would go about that is beyond me.

  20. silverfish VT says:

    Thats irritating

  21. silverfish VT says:

    Thank you Pastor Pete!

  22. silverfish VT says:

    Stacking in Europe is a tough one buddy, no question. They hammer you guys with taxes.

  23. silverfish VT says:

    It depends on your objective. From a profit perspective, you would do better with the dragons. From a “my stack has a gorgeous, kick butt piece” you did well with the Rabbit.

  24. silverfish VT says:

    Some on Ebay, some to my LCS, potentially, some to a bullion dealer.

  25. shaolin811 says:

    LOL this is how I do my unboxings too. I hate showing you guys how noob and stupid I look when I try so hard to unbox them. Some people just do them really well and have no issues opening boxes ahaha.

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