First bars to my silver stack! Silver unboxing | Silver Unboxing

First bars to my silver stack! Silver unboxing

First bars to my silver stack! Silver unboxing

I’ve been buying “junk” silver for a few months but this is my first silver bars so I thought I’d share the unboxing with youtube. I mean, we all know youtub…
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16 Responses to First bars to my silver stack! Silver unboxing

  1. 511porkchop says:

    The Place To Buy Gold & Silver: Aydincoins, Great Price’s, Reward Points Program, Free Shipping, Silver Specials.
    Also: ModernCoinMart (MCM) Great Price’s, Free Shipping
    Google Them For Their Web Page
    I’ve Been Buying From Both. Received Coins In 3-5 Days

  2. Arielramon1985 says:

    Hahaha dude i’m just getting around to watching your vids. Awesome intro, awesome bars!

  3. MrSilverup says:

    Very sexy

  4. MunkeySpaz says:

    Yea I’ve been keeping track of my purchases. I’ve been looking for a decent app for the android but I’ve yet to come across one. Most apps track “junk silver” as one lump amount. Because it varies in price it’s hard to track junk prices. :/ I have an extra phone I keep in storage with all sorts of off line useful apps in case I ever need it for any reason. It would be nice if I could keep track on that too.

  5. Al C says:

    Also keep track of what your buy in price is. Every time i add silver to my pile I average out what my stack cost me. So I add up what the silver cost me add that to the current cost of my stack and divide it by ounces, So i statred out my stack and i was at 33 a ounce but with recent price drops i have my stack cost down to 27 a ounce. I will make another large purchase of more then 200 oz’s which will bring my cost to 25 a oz. So once silver goes above 25 i am in the money

  6. Al C says:

    Well isnt much to it the idea is buy as much silver for as cheap as you can it doesnt matter if the are just rounds or bars or 90% coins, It’s about getting it the cheapest price you can as silver is silver. Even maple leafs and silver eagles are good but. only if you can get them 3 dollars or so over spot. Otherwise stay away from them… It like paying more taxes then you have to to pay down on the governments debt. If you can only afford a couple bars at a time then silvertowne a good choice

  7. MunkeySpaz says:

    Hey thanks Al! I’m a noob with this stuff but I’m learning. I love the junk silver, that’s what I’ve been buying for the last 6 months or so. I was buying on ebay but the premiums on junk is insane now. Thanks for watching.

  8. Al C says:

    Smart purchases even those 90 percent coins are good if you can get for a good price. Stay away from them government mint coins unless you can get them a couple dollars over spot. keep stacking

  9. low7782 says:

    thanks for not telling us the makers of your scissors you used to open the package!!!

  10. geggs1 says:

    Very nice thx for sharing

  11. weizenale says:

    I hear ya I started buying in Feb.Was getting like 6 OZ a month.till this soon as i get the rest of my order i’ll post a video.I went crazy for me.not likely to happen again lol
    ..It is fun and addicting

  12. silverexplosion says:

    I just bought some Silver Bullet Silver Shield Freedom Girl rounds, they did a great job on them…also the “Slave Queens” are cool also.

  13. silverexplosion says:

    Gainsville Coins and Provident Metals are good companies also

  14. rocky315w says:

    that’s what made this fun to watch, keep the excitement coming.

  15. MunkeySpaz says:

    I’ve literally got 2 big garbage bags filled with peanuts. haha I recycle them when I get them and use them for stuff I sell online. I’m like a kid when it comes to shiny stuff!

  16. rocky315w says:

    Can I get woohoo if I send you a box of foam peanuts. love the enthusiasm, welcome to the group.

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