Vid #5 My first Silver unboxing 6th June 27oz of Silver | Silver Unboxing

Vid #5 My first Silver unboxing 6th June 27oz of Silver

Vid #5 My first Silver unboxing 6th June 27oz of Silver

This order took more than a month to arrive! Extremely happy that it finally arrived. Coins in this video: 1 Ounce Canadian Maple Leaf 2013 1 Ounce Britannia…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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21 Responses to Vid #5 My first Silver unboxing 6th June 27oz of Silver

  1. SilverTurtle65 says:

    I just started uploading too, I use my iPad, I think It works great, it’s all I need.

  2. Chris Silver says:

    Thanks. I made the intro with some free iPad app. HD intro I believe it’s called. I will check out your vids.

  3. MrSilverBulletSniper says:

    I like the intro to your video. Nice 10 ounce coins! Come check out my unboxing videos and tell me what you think. Semper Fi..

  4. Chris Silver says:

    Thanks Virginianative1968, and thanks for commenting on my vids! 🙂

  5. Virginianative1968 says:

    Very nice additions to your stack!

  6. bulliondotcomdotcom says:

    Yeah. I think the RCM has done a face lift on her. Can’t blame them really.

  7. Chris Silver says:

    Are you comparing it to a previous year maple? I don’t have any others to compare to 🙁 so I didn’t notice

  8. bulliondotcomdotcom says:

    Has anyone noticed that the queen has had “some work done” on the new Maples? She looks 10 years younger.

  9. Chris Silver says:

    Yea the 10oz snake is really nice, one of my most favorite coins. The silver prices are really good at the moment. You should get one if you can, the new lunar series coins come out in September I think, so the prices of the snakes might go up soon.

  10. Silver KC says:

    Love the 10oz coins. Been waiting to get me a snake, think I might pull the trigger on one soon. All great pick ups man

  11. Chris Silver says:

    Thanks DogSoldier1973. What dealers do you use when you buy your bullion in the UK?

  12. DogSoldier1973 says:

    What a great unboxing! Those 10oz coins are pretty awesome 🙂

  13. ozcopper says:

    Keep it up, you are on the right track!

  14. Chris Silver says:

    Yea it was nice that they came already like this.

  15. KeysRun says:

    Nice. They all came in airtites.

  16. Chris Silver says:

    Thanks for watching and commenting. I just subscribed to your channel.

  17. tpntch07 says:

    Great 10 oz coins, I plan on getting one this month.  Thanks for sharing!

  18. Chris Silver says:

    Thanks for watching and commenting Greg. The intro was made with a cool free iPad app I found ‘intro lite’ Apologies for the not so great video quality though, I will need to get a cheap HD cam in the future. And yea the 10oz coins are sweet.

  19. Chris Silver says:

    They had the bison in stock when I ordered them, I don’t know why I didn’t order that as well. I think I was just picking out the coins I liked rather than thinking about the set. Thanks for watching and commenting.

  20. greg williams says:

    Nice haul!! love the intro, very well done mate!!! Good choices, those big buggers are awesome - thanks for posting :-)))

  21. Micksilver14 says:

    Like all of those. I need to get the wildlife series.

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