Silver Stack Unboxing #6 | Silver Unboxing

Silver Stack Unboxing #6

Well I’m trying to get down a system so it should be the 6th unboxing.

SD Bullion

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12 Responses to Silver Stack Unboxing #6

  1. Al C says:

    I guess when i buy a cam I will show my stack. But i prefer to buy a ounce bars of silver rather then spend that money on a cam to show you my stack.. The coins are a good investment if premiums are low but recently demand has been high and so is premiums

  2. grg3d says:

    Hi Al C thanks for your helpful info….But your not quite right about “my per Ounce cost” as a matter of fact I just did a per cost and I’m still under $26.00 an ounce “with” shipping as I try never to “pay” for shipping unless I have to.
    By researching “all” the on line stores I also try not to pay more than $3.00 over spot…unless I really want / like the coin…….by the way where is your video’s of silver stacking? As I just wanted to see what a real silver investor’s stack looks like.

  3. Al C says:

    If you dont have much money then go to silvertowne and order their bars that have free shipping… Also you need to keep track of your stack cost and average it out every time you add new silver to it… All of those coins you got arent going to bring a premium when you go to sell them. You’re going to get right below spot price unless you sell them one by one on EBAY. Your more of a coin collector then a silver investor.

  4. Al C says:

    If you dont have that much money to invest you should stay away from them coins unless you find them for 3 dollars over spot.. You should stick with bars and rounds to keep the cost of your stack low… I bet your into your stack well over 30 a oz when if you bought bars and rounds your stack cost would be in the 25-27 range. To me them government mint coins are like paying more taxes then you have to and a waste of money because most are way above spot price.. And when you add in shipping.

  5. MisterSilverMonster says:

    Ounce by ounce, slow and steady wins the race!


    Nice elephant hijacking 🙂

  7. FTIdeas says:

    nice package :)

  8. grg3d says:

    Thanks for the comment Ericsp0f…I try…its all royalty free music & special effects downloadable off the internet….that and movie maker that came with my computer….my daughter’s bought me a web cam so I could “Skype”(sp?) with them but of July 1st the program will no longer be aloud to be used for this. so I will be trying it out over the next few vids I do to see if I will keep using it.

  9. grg3d says:

    I agree and that’s how I can go over 10 oz a month…my new rule is if I haven’t touched it in over a year …off to Ebay it goes!!….well most things 🙂

  10. EpicRV says:

    you been getting beat on ebay buy bigstackmagee….he is always undercutting me on Ebay

  11. EpicRV says:

    no way man….im a humble stacker…..just sold a lot of stuff I no longer use……

  12. ericsp0f says:

    nice video man

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