Silver Stack Unboxing #7 Part 2 | Silver Unboxing

Silver Stack Unboxing #7 Part 2

Part 2 of my big purchase…well for me anyway…. OMG I edited out what the contest was for….. OK the “Contest” is for…. 10 Black Ring Airtites that fit…

SD Bullion

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22 Responses to Silver Stack Unboxing #7 Part 2

  1. grg3d says:

    Yep and you missed it by an 1 Hours time……

  2. silverbuyer101 says:

    1 ozBritannia


    1.5 oz 2013 Canadian Polar Bear. Also just opet the Pamp. Your not going to sell it anyway… Doooo iiiitt

  4. grg3d says:

    No sorry EpicRV

    I Highjack Somali Elephant’s

  5. grg3d says:

    Sorry no ….I wish I could afford a Kilo anything…

  6. ericsp0f says:

    why? because i live in maine and no im not going to stock you im to broke for that and is the silver u got A Dragon?>

  7. EpicRV says:

    Great video as usually! I would guess a Somali Elephant one ouncer!

  8. grg3d says:

    Kookaburra’s mmmmmm….So little time to collect so much silver but no….

  9. silverpools says:

    Year or the rabbit kilo

  10. grg3d says:

    No but that is on my short list I want a 10th
    Thanks for guessing

  11. grg3d says:

    Thanks for trying Sharp& shiny and yes next month….a Snake is in my future

  12. grg3d says:

    no but I’ve got them on the to do list….So much Silver so little time…

  13. grg3d says:

    We have a Winner!!

    Dam not even a full day and the 6th guess…maybe I should of made it a little harder….Congratulations dmatthews778

  14. dmatthews778 says:

    A Dragon from the Perth mint!!!!!

  15. nthndck says:

    a Philharmonic

  16. grg3d says:

    maybe…..why?…….your not going to stock me are you?

    Just Kidding….yah I might of let that slip….

  17. tpntch07 says:

    Canadian Timberwolf

  18. ericsp0f says:

    did you say in a video that you live in Maine?

  19. ThesharpNshiny says:

    lunar series snake

  20. FTIdeas says:

    a gold coin

  21. FrugalLife says:

    My guess would be a 1 ounce kookaburra