Silvertowne Unboxing part 2 | Silver Unboxing

Silvertowne Unboxing part 2

Second part to my unboxing of silvertowne bars after replacing the batteries in my camera. 89 Total troy ounces.
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SD Bullion

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4 Responses to Silvertowne Unboxing part 2

  1. greg williams says:

    wow 90oz in 13 days 😮 well done mate. I been goin for 6 months and only have 126oz. haha. But we all go at our own pace 🙂

  2. yttst01 says:

    Nice bullion!

  3. Silver Stacker says:

    I agree! I just wanted to buy some 1 ounce bars. Like I said local coin shops are the way to go. You get free shipping with silvertowne but pay a higher premium which levels out. Thanks for the comment!

  4. Al C says:

    Nice but silvertowne is too expensive unless your only buying 1 or 2 bars that have free shipping.

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