Apmex Unboxing Of Silver & Gold | Silver Unboxing

Apmex Unboxing Of Silver & Gold

I got my second order from Apmex. Check it out.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

SD Bullion

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24 Responses to Apmex Unboxing Of Silver & Gold

  1. ONEMORE1988 says:


  2. inept702 says:

    boom goes ur un boxing videos

  3. maxpower2damax says:

    why buy slabbed?, does it cost more?

  4. Physics Outlaw says:

    Great score Jose. I just unboxed some eagles from APMEX. Come on over and check out the video 🙂

  5. ralphg63 says:

    I tried to post the link to Bank of Mexico mintages but youtube said nada ! Message me if interested

  6. ralphg63 says:

    I got cut off lol. Early on I discovered proof Mexican Libertads. They are friggin georgous and most are crazy low mintage. Dude I got a 2006 kilo Libertad. You can’t imagine what that looks like in hand. Mintage 874 !

  7. ralphg63 says:

    José, good job buddy, just stumbled onto a couple of your videos. Great thing your doing sharing your thoughts openly for other to think about. I like your style, and choices. I stack a little differently, but we are on the same page with numismatics vs bullion. I am solidly in the category of grabbing as many ounces as you can of silver. And why can’t they be pretty and not scratched and in air tites .grab tubes of Eagles, just do it . I’ve been in only a couple years, started Jan 2011.

  8. vinnycenz18 says:


  9. Chet Manley says:

    Giving you the proverbial thumbs up

  10. frankp362 says:

    Duuuude…lol….thats is the biggest slab ive ever seen….nice stuff man

  11. greg williams says:

    wow nice – cant beat Aussie Gold :-)))

  12. Tonic Lime says:

    OH wait you already have that coin! OK..another cool one I saw is the 2012 1 oz Silver Kangaroo in Outback F15 Privy – PR-70 DCAM PCGS!

  13. Tonic Lime says:

    Niiice coins! HOw about the …. 2012 1 oz Australian Silver Kangaroo MS-70 PCGS! Seems like those coins have pretty low mintage 3’s and they are pretty cool looking! Thanks for sharing your coin haul.

  14. eddgiles says:

    Cool selection, but why not buy 1 oz gold coins?? Isn’t the premium higher?? Or is it because it’ll be easier to sell in the future?

  15. b5clubber says:

    Love those libertads. And always appreciate gold video posts. Good buys!

  16. Silva Stacka says:


  17. mkmstillstackin says:

    very nice unboxing. I really like the gold dragon, and the 2oz libertad

  18. Pd Ballerina says:

    One suggestion not a big investment..pick up the Burnished (unc) ASE 2012 W. On track to be one of the lowest mintage ASEs… or I also like the fractional 2008 gold Buffalos (low mintage only made one year).. Ok that was my 2 pennies..

  19. Pd Ballerina says:

    I would really like to ask BigSilverOne a question about that American Eagle..but he does not talk to me..LOL You sure have added a lot of great coins to your collection lately!!

  20. Pd Ballerina says:

    My dad is a member of NGC and along time Mexican coin collector. He submitted all his proof 2 oz Libertads for grading and got them all back in those giant slabs.. he was not happy..

  21. Silversing69 says:

    Great selections. Aussie gold – nice..

  22. FinalRepublic says:

    at 0:33 “Gonna be a short video… gonna be more like “Jose Rodriguez “unboxes” himself” … at 1:08 “Ah! Trying to take us out!” … am i the only one who sometimes adds little narrations to videos they watch…. yeah probably… nice pick ups btw when you fill up the whole box you should to a video showing them all at once

  23. Jose Aparicio says:

    Nice pick ups bro, I’m love that two ounce libertad , it looks amazing

  24. John Taylor says:

    last case looked like the size of an ipad mini 🙂