Unboxing the silver order that helped to crash JP Morgan | Silver Unboxing

Unboxing the silver order that helped to crash JP Morgan

Extreme sarcasm? Of course, this was my May first order, remember that?

SD Bullion

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23 Responses to Unboxing the silver order that helped to crash JP Morgan

  1. SilverTurtle65 says:

    Very nice, Happy 4th

  2. Nicolas Angelis says:

    you are right they are Beautiful. you are lucky . Best Wishes Nick

  3. silverfish VT says:

    Nope, not the tiniest bit. That is what comes with the hand pours. They are awesome. Would I build my whole stack with them? No. Do I think that everyone should have a couple? I do. All personal preference.

  4. grg3d says:

    Do the air bubbles on the back of the hand poured bars bother you?

  5. mesatop5 says:

    Ravingly cool, bro! Congrats on getting those beautiful bars!

  6. veritasfiles says:

    Those are awesome!

  7. Einsilverguy says:

    Nice shipment. Those poured bars have a lot more character than the standard 10z. I really want to get a few of the monarch and scottsdale poured bars. I do like the stackers. Apmex has those as well

  8. silverfish VT says:

    And watching this, was like having last nights Game of Thrones ruined ahead of time lol

  9. EpicRV says:

    awwww man i am mad….i ordered same scottsdale bricks and mine have not even shipped yet….nice

  10. javamanV3 says:

    cont…Buy a Ag bar for your favorite teacher! if someone wants to exploit this idea for profit – please do!

    Peace all –

  11. javamanV3 says:

    Nice score! Those are nice bars! I have 1 each of the monarch 1 – 2 – and 3 oz bars – the 2 is the “tombstone” shape they are all awsome – i had not seen the scottsdale bars, except for the stacker, before. Nice! Now consider this idea. Waterless hand purifier. Just rub you hands with a bar of silver – i like the 2oz – they are anti bacterial. Instead of buying a plastic bottle of hand sanitiser. (Waste!), buy a bar of silver! For around $50 you get a lifetime supply with no waste!

  12. Al C says:

    Ok thanks yeah i wasn’t worried if this is the bottom or not i don’t see it going under 20 a oz. I am not worried about buying right now just worried about buying a 100 oz bar and trying to resale it when silver gets up to the 50 range again. I will stick to kilos stackers and 10 oz stackers and some of those poured bars u got.. I got a 10 oz on the way from monarch.Mailed them a money order last Thursday and just got email today saying they received payment and shipping out order on the 6th.

  13. CyberCurtainTwitcher says:

    Sound advice there.

  14. Al C says:

    Cool purchase that 10 oz stacker you have is 2013 mint it is the first year they put serial numbers on them… Would have thought they put them on the front and not the reverse…. I must get some..

  15. Al C says:

    Or should i just load up on 16 or so 10 ounce stackers to get a lower price??? I am not into government issued coins with high premiums to me it’s like paying more taxes then you have to. I prefer bars and rounds and the lowest price possible. I know the stackers have a 3 dollar or so mark up for wire payment. And they also have free shipping on large purchases too but should i stay away from the 100 oz stacker?

  16. silverfish VT says:

    Its so hard to say what the price is going to do. I obviously have no problem buying here, but I wouldnt feel comfortable telling you that it is in fact a bottom. No matter what, you are better off buying here, than a few months ago, but there is no telling what the future holds. I *personally* wouldnt buy a 100 ounce bar, Ive heard too many people complain about a limited resale market. The biggest that I go is a kilo coin. But, this is only my opinion.

  17. Al C says:

    So do you think prices willstay around the 22-23 range for the next month or so? I just found out my parents had a life insurance policy they bought for me 30 years ago so since i dont have kids or a wife i am going to get the cash value and make a 150oz +. purchase.. And i been wanting those Scottsdale stackers. Whats your view on 100 0z bars as far as trying to sell when price is up. I want to get 100 oz stacker kilo stacker and the 10 ounce stacker couple of their poured bars and 5 oz bars

  18. silverfish VT says:

    At some point, I certainly will, there are a bunch of videos that I want to do first. It will be soon. 

  19. fasteddie2013 says:

    You should do a video of your whole stack. That would be pretty cool. I’d like to see that

  20. silverfish VT says:

    Vinny, they really are a nice looking bar.

  21. vinnycenz18 says:

    Nice! I wanna stack some stackers!!

  22. silverfish VT says:

    No, these were my first hand poured bars. Im sure that at some point, I will give them a shot.

  23. Dylan Camacho says:

    Have you tried Monarchs hand poured bars?

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