LCS Silver Unboxing! 10oz NTR And A Silver Price Prediction. | Silver Unboxing

LCS Silver Unboxing! 10oz NTR And A Silver Price Prediction.

I went to my LCS and got some great silver. I am also giving a small price action prediction on silver. Link to contest video: Th…
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25 Responses to LCS Silver Unboxing! 10oz NTR And A Silver Price Prediction.

  1. mark christopher says:

    24.16 an oz now

  2. mark christopher says:

    Oh i love my ntr bar..

  3. AK SilverNuggets says:

    7:50 Spot price is 26.72 now.

  4. auknanoquark says:

    Use Quick Time Player to record your screen while you talk.

  5. metodi sterjov says:

    Hey there! Have you seen in regard to the “Phantom Cash System”? I learned it on Google Search and read lots of great stuff about it. Some of my good friend also encourage me to try it

  6. loh1110 says:

    Always value junk coins by their net weight rather than its denomination. The more worn the coins are, the less silver you are getting no matter what the denomination is… unless the coins are in BU, AU condition… but then thse coin carry a huge premium that is only worth collecting rather than investing. 1000$ face value? who cares? how much does it weigh?!

  7. loh1110 says:

    I see your point. BTW, when buying junk silver, considering not all coins are worn equally, is it recommended to pay based on weight or its denomination? thanks

  8. boodyho says:

    silver is silver is silver. People buying silver because they understand the VALUE of silver in the long run don’t care if it’s shiny and new so long as it is silver. If crap hits the fan and you need to start trading with your metals amongst morons who have none you’d be happy to have some fractional junk silver on hand. Just some food for thought. Take care

  9. loh1110 says:

    Why get junk coins with part silver when pure silver billion are available? Most of them are faded/worn and even some weighing less.

  10. Richard Beatty says:

    Nice. Good gains.

  11. lanceoa says:

    that is a huge month! Great job Hatw!

  12. lanceoa says:

    my eyes lit up when you dumped that out!

  13. aslomski says:

    Great job! You just converted 10 oz silver bar into 10 oz of junk silver.

  14. Schwarze999 says:

    I can’t get enough of silver and I thank you for your video helping me get through the day when I cannot see my own silver lol

  15. thepupleonion says:

    There is excel for PC but it cost quite a bit more than it used to

  16. Taylor Chambers says:

    Don’t use Kitco charts!

  17. upgrader99 says:

    no clue brotha!  I’ve been using it since 08 for games and lots of things – very very versatile.

  18. Jose Rodriguez says:

    $1 Face value = .715oz

  19. frankp362 says:

    Because of it being 90% a dollar fifty face value equals a troy ounce of silver….fact

  20. Ape Man says:

    Question – I thought 14 dimes equal 1 ounce of silver?

  21. Ape Man says:

    Jing is FREE and you can do 5 min vids. Try that works good for print screens also. I use it daily at work. Great Vid

  22. frankp362 says:

    That looks soooo sexxy

  23. hopezzs says:

    Hey Jose Rodriguez do you still need help with the screen recording. If so reply to this message I can help you on a Mac it will take less them 30 seconds if your computer is update to a 10.0 or higher. And you dont need to waste any money.

  24. Adam J says:

    Nice silver. Can you explain the face value of 90% silver? I thought dimes were .0723, quarters were .1808, half .3617, and silver dollars .7735 troy ounces respectively.

  25. Jose Rodriguez says:

    I may just do that buddy