Silver Unboxing Provident Metal Fail | Silver Unboxing

Silver Unboxing Provident Metal Fail

I order my silver waited about three weeks to receive it and my freedom girl is all messed up. What a Fail Provident Metal What a FAIL.

SD Bullion

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25 Responses to Silver Unboxing Provident Metal Fail

  1. Al C says:

    Yous should stay away from any coin 5 dollars over spot… When you go to sell your going to get below spot price and thats is usually well below what you paid.. Stick to bullion and medallions.. Unless you are buying a low mint coin…

  2. john cramer says:

    it’s not only you, it’s Silver Bullet Silver Shield ripping off folks with these badly minted coins, mine are all like yours, will never order a coin from them again

  3. hopezzs says:

    Honestly I’m not mad at them because its not there fault the silver round is a bad quality but I am upset is that they would send it out to me and in there website it said coin condition new and its not. If I would have gotten a call or email about the coin I would have been find but I got it all sort out and thanks for the advice when I call them again to confirm my product I will tell them about giving SBSS negative feedback.

  4. hopezzs says:

    Yea I know I saw your video It may not be provident metal fault for the bad quality rounds but they should know not to send out the bad quality coins out because in there website it say condition new and that’s not new if they would have called me and told me the condition of the coins they were sending me I would have been find with it but Im trying to sort it out with them.

  5. MrMnmn911 says:

    hopezzs, man I feel you. My Freedom Girl is not arrived and I’ve been seeing a lot of bad comments about the FG. I’m not hoping to get a nice coin now. Too bad Provident has to be involved. I hope they work it out with you. You might want to encourage Provident to ensure they send your negative directly to SBSS and make them aware they have let really down both them as a seller, and you as a final customer. Thanks for posting. Please let us know the outcome.

  6. cliffsearch says:

    It may not be Providents fault. Could be Chris Duanes organisations quality control. Believe me hopezzs, I bought several of his coins and the quality was below standard. It had a sharp edge. One of my recent videos talks about my view of SBSS, and lack care for the customer… Cheers

  7. hopezzs says:

    Yea me to I dont really like ordering online because you cant really see the quality of the product

  8. hopezzs says:

    I agree with you rocky there system sucks 

  9. OntarioDiggers says:

    Really like that Noah’s Ark coin. That Freedom Girl is pretty rough, hopefully they sort it out. I had a similar problem with the 1.5oz polar bears I ordered and am in the process of trying to get it sorted with SGB. I wish there was a coin store close by so I could do most of my orders in person and be able to inspect the coins prior to purchasing.

  10. rocky315w says:

    at least you got your It’s been over a month and I don’t have a damn thing. and you have the next coin, what hpaaened to back orders. screw them their quality is shit and they are terrible at public relations.

  11. Chet Manley says:

    Wow thats ridiculous to me that they would even think to have the customer pay for shipping on and obviously flawed coin especially when you opened it on video and can prove it arrived that way. Unacceptable.

  12. hopezzs says:

    They said they will trade it for a new one but I have to pay for shipping so lm calling them back tomorrow to negotiate a free shipping on my next order.

  13. hopezzs says:

    Yea I know Ive Called them already

  14. hopezzs says:

    There system sucks I dont know whats going on over there

  15. hopezzs says:

    Yea I know the Koala are beautiful coins

  16. hopezzs says:

    I dont think they will get it together

  17. Chet Manley says:

    Been thinking about giving Provident a shot lately but haven’t pulled the trigger. Will wait to hear about the resolution with that freedom girl.

  18. silverfish VT says:

    Hope, send it back. If they dont know about the problem, they cant fix it.


    I am so glad I stopped ordering from SBSS after my first D&D rounds. It took way tolong to get them to me and I was about (according to my order #) the 114th person to order. I like Chris’ vids but will never buy from him again.

  20. Gary Cullen says:

    I think you are lucky you got the FG I know AOCS shipped out loads of FG to the big dealers and said the hell with all the people who ordered straight from them. It is really beat up but the way they have been doing business it does not surprises me would send it back and make them pay the shipping ounce everyone finishes complaining about the SBSS coins they might get it together

  21. gjcoins says:

    looks like they dropped that freedom girl on the ground , i dont know what the hype is about those damn coins anyways , ill just still with the junk silver and perth mint . those Koala coins are beautiful !

  22. hopezzs says:

    I really like the Armenian coins to better then the SBSS coin. I’m not impress with heir system

  23. hopezzs says:

    Yea I know I thought the coin would look good but its a bad quality

  24. hopezzs says:

    I agree with you

  25. hopezzs says:

    Im trying to but they are to busy