Silver Unboxing and Stack Update | Silver Unboxing

Silver Unboxing and Stack Update

Silver Unboxing and Stack Update

Just got my big shipment in! Join me as I unbox it. You’ll notice toward the end, around 8:16 in, that I added the total wrong. The actual amount is 80 ounce…

SD Bullion

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19 Responses to Silver Unboxing and Stack Update

  1. SilverTurtle65 says:

    Nice video, I’m waiting for a order from Provident to come in. Then I will do my first youtube un boxing. Keep stacking while prices are good.

  2. MrSilverBulletSniper says:

    Nice knife!

  3. Argentus Androctonus says:

    Thanks for watching! :)


    Nice Stack 🙂

  5. Argentus Androctonus says:

    In the event of an economic collapse, which may or may not even happen, it will be more difficult to trade 10oz bars for small necessities like bottled water, food, or supplies. That’s why I have the fractionals. I’m stacking silver for two reasons. #1 As a long term investment. History shows that precious metals like gold and silver retain value through every economic collapse. #2 As a means of trade in the event that an economic collapse does occur. It’s a win/win

  6. Justin Adachi says:

    what do you mean it is so hard to get rid of 10 oz silver bars?

  7. Argentus Androctonus says:

    Haha…thanks 🙂

  8. poppysmom100 says:

    I like your name. Are you an entomologist. Anyhoo I’m scorp too :)

  9. Argentus Androctonus says:

    Hey thanks for watching! The main reason for the fractionals is for bartering down the road. If the dollar does fall and we have to resort to using our silver as money, it will be easier to parse out. I made a big mistake with the 1/4 ounce rounds, but that won’t happen again. I ended up spending way too much for them. The dimes and 1/2 ounce rounds were actually very reasonable.

  10. Argentus Androctonus says:

    Hey Thanks for watching 🙂

  11. Silverguitar85 says:

    Nice pick up. What is your reasoning in buying the fractional coins. Is it for bartering down the road or just variety?

  12. poppysmom100 says:

    Just found your channel! Very Nice! I like the fractional’s. I picked up a roll of 1/2 oz taku’s I’m gonna do a vid tonight.

  13. Al C says:

    Wasting money on those fractional rounds and coins like freedom girl, if your in it to make money stick with bars and 1 oz rounds. I sit here and watch people buy these expensive so called government coins that will never be in circulation and paying way over spot for them. They might as well send the government a check when buying those. But i do thank them for helping pay down our national debt.. I buy anything that is just a couple dollars over spot anymore then that and it’s a bad investment

  14. B.J. Blazkowicz says:

    fractional rounds are terrible way overpriced

  15. coins rus says:

    6 weeks long time, and wow that’s a huge amount your at

  16. OntarioDiggers says:

    Great additions! love the fractional stuff, the premiums can be a little bit high but its good to have at least a little bit of it imo. That pile of “junk” is awesome, I love the look of the old coins. If it wasnt so hard to find here I would have a lot of it, but unfortunately thats not the case. Its a struggle just to find the Canadian 80%, let alone the 90% “junk”. Good job on your stack and looks like you should have no problem meeting your goal and possibly surpassing it.

  17. Bigstackmcgee says:

    Very, very nice stuff there argentus. I enjoyed the enthusiasm you had as your were unboxing! Oh, and that pile o’ dimes is pretty great too!

  18. Argentus Androctonus says:

    Thanks Greg! Yeah…the fractionals will be great for buying and selling. The more I research this stuff and get into it, the more I think 90% silver is the way to go for now. I think I’ll keep the greater majority of my stack 90%. The bullion coins are great too, especially in fractions, but those 90% will be the easiest way to buy and sell if (when) something were to happen. Oh…and thanks for the tip on the gloves. I’ll check it out! Thanks for watching!

  19. greg williams says:

    Awesome Haul!!! Nice mix, the fractional stuff will be important i think. I do have some 10oz’ers but i figure i will just melt them and make little chunks/nuggets 🙂 hehehe
    Youre making great progress with your goal as well. Hopefully we will get a nice dip when the QE news hits the airwaves in a week or two – thats what im waiting for lol
    nice unboxing, thanks for sharing it :-))) btw – I got my gloves for $2 for 2 pair in the cleaning section at the supermarket 😛

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