Silver price discussion and unboxing Canadian Silver Dollars | Silver Unboxing

Silver price discussion and unboxing Canadian Silver Dollars

My thoughts on the ongoing PM price corrections, and an unboxing from Provident Metals. Canadian silver dollars and a 10 oz OPM bar.

SD Bullion

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24 Responses to Silver price discussion and unboxing Canadian Silver Dollars

  1. chargerguy74 says:


  2. MrSilverBulletSniper says:

    Nice Balisong buddy! One of my favorite blades.

  3. MunkeySpaz says:

    Love the 80% coins! The one is a goose though. Canadian geese you know? Lol good video though keep em coming

  4. sanpedrosilver says:

    Bigstack is really getting a Bigstack !! Very nice purchase bro!!
    Yeah, average cost of total stack is going down with every purchase. Gotta love it !! I know I do..
    Take care !

  5. ytstimmins says:

    Nice balisong and nice stack!

  6. Silverguitar85 says:

    I love the opm bar. I wanted to get one but they were back ordered when I put my order through. I might still have to pick one up

  7. nick540 says:

    oh and the bird on the third coin is a Canada Goose. There is another design too with a totem pole.

  8. nick540 says:

    Wow great score!

  9. nodsib says:

    Man those are nice!!! Wish I knew where to get those here in Canada!!! I found a 1967 Canadain One Dollar yesterday, but its circulated. Also found a 1922 American Dollar extremely worn, but still a great day of hunting

  10. Kaynos says:

    I cant seem to be able to order from them, i’m in Canada. When i go ahead to register myself the only country option is United States…. they dont do business in Canada ?

  11. silverbobcat47 says:

    Very nice canadian dollar
    Here in canada the very worn labelled as scrap silver are for 14.99 per coin plus 13% hst

  12. christlives4sure says:

    Only two calls. Nobody serious with money

  13. christlives4sure says:

    67 lincoln very nice

  14. christlives4sure says:

    very nice i hope to sell my classic auto today. then buy 200 oz. right now i am going out fireing that old car up and takeing it to a car show. wish me luck!

  15. coins rus says:

    Yea those are awesome condition great pic ups

  16. Adam C says:

    Excellent video. The reason I love your videos is because you talk a lot of sense and of course the beautiful silver.

  17. greg williams says:

    Those canadian dollars are in outstanding condition considering, the one with the duck is very nice, less busy design….. Love the ending BTW – very cool 🙂

  18. PietrovitoProduction says:

    Why don’t you do a video on how you store your stack and what you do to keep them fireproof??? and thief proof??? I see a lot of people stacking, but are they stacking safely, most people don’t have to worry about theft, but what about fire?? Thanks

  19. Cntrysky says:

    Whoa…. slow down there!! lol

  20. Al C says:

    I wouldn’t buy silver at 40 just who i am but for those that did buy silver at that price it’s time to buy again and bring down your total cost per ounce. To me bottom looks like 15-16 but if it does gp that low even buying in at 21, 22 a ounce is a good move. Bigger question is how long will it be depressed? I think it will be longer then 6 months . I think it will be a year or more before we see the 30 mark again

  21. Jesse Silver says:

    Love the silver dollars! Probably because I’m Canadian. Great video

  22. Virginianative1968 says:

    Excellent show! 

  23. Native American says:

    Provident lists them as Au, they look like BU to me. My luck they’d come all scratched to hell

  24. mkmstillstackin says:

    Those canadian 80%’ers are absolute pristine beauties, Mr. BigStack!!
    why in the world did I not listen to you and get some! dang nab it!