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Celebrate the 225th Anniversary of the U.S. Mint with 2017-S Proof Silver Eagles!

Returning on a special occasion

A small number of 2017 Proof American Silver Eagles were produced at the San Francisco Mint and have been struck with the “S” Mint mark. This is significant as all regular issue 2017 Proof Silver Eagles were minted at the West Point Mint in New York. In addition to this special San Francisco Mint issue, this year also marks the 225th Anniversary of the U.S. Mint! Mintage of these special S-Mint coins was limited to just 75,000, creating quite the frenzy. These coins sold out from the Mint in minutes!

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To help commemorate this special San Francisco mintage and 225th anniversary of the U.S. Mint, ModernCoinMart is having a short sale on the majority of these 2017 Proof Silver Eagle products. For 48 hours, select coins are $15 off regular price. Hurry, this sale ends August 17th at 11:59 pm ET!

Calling all Silver Eagle collectors!

They’ve got an amazing assortment of American Silver Eagles, available now! They’re really excited about the variety available, allowing you to truly get exactly the types of coins you prefer. The 2017 ASE’s are offered in both black and white cores, as well as a variety of different labels, such as the 225th Anniversary Label, Trolley Label and Flag Label. All of our American Silver Eagles are graded near-perfect Proof 69, allowing you to add these highly graded selections to your collection. MCM is especially proud to offer a great selection of Eagles hand-signed by Elizabeth Jones and John Mercanti, former Chief Engravers of the U.S. Mint!

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Celebrate the Lion Dollar’s 400th Anniversary with new 2017 Release!

Amazing Facts Regarding Old European Silver Coins

Every body has an interest, in one form of another. For numerous, gathering points, like vintages and also coins, gives these enthusiasts a feeling of accomplishment, in addition to aids protect memories for future generations of the household to share. Did you know that the research study of coins and numerous currencies is called numismatics, and the individuals who avidly gather these coins for their aesthetic as well as historical worth are called numismatists?

Numismatists are spread out throughout the globe, with a lot more people getting connected on the profession, too. The method of gathering coins even go back to hundreds of years. Inning accordance with the Journal of the Background of Collections in a 1994 article, the method has actually flourished during the Renaissance in Europe, where coins were accumulated or offered as gifts as well as symbols of relationship.

Old European silver coins are amongst one of the most commonly circulated among coin traders and collection agencies of the globe. If you do a search on Google alone, it will certainly produce you thousands of sites that market and also assess these vital items of background.

In Old Greece, a common type of religion was called the drachma, which was the ancient currency that has actually advanced right into contemporary usage up until the 20th century. Sources discuss that these kinds of old European silver coins have been around because 1100 BC, and were extensively used throughout the Alexandrian period. Some enthusiasts market silver drachmas for around $ 60 each, maybe a lot more, depending upon the era of the coin.

Ancient Roman coins were recognized but as the denarius, plural type is denarii. These were silver coins dating back as far as 211 BC, and some coins even included the face of Marcus Aurelius. For some enthusiasts, after that could purchase old silver coins for around $ 30 or even more each.

The worth of ancient European silver coins depend not only on their age, yet likewise their condition, which could be classified as penalty, extremely fine, as well as others. The majority of the coins throughout these period featured faces of popular leaders, as well as pictures of Roman or Greek gods and also goddesses. Some coins available for sale are refined or cleaned up, and also this contributes to their bankability as well as value. As an example, a Marc Antony coin, with siren Minerva on reverse side, in very fine problem, and also dating 83 to 30 BC retails for around $ 400 or more. The most expensive Greek silver coins are all saved in the National Numismatic Gallery in Athens.

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Only at MCM: 150 2017 Denver ANA Silver Eagle sets hand-signed by Mercanti!

Exclusive 2017 Hand-Signed Denver ANA Label

Silver American Eagles & Wedge-Tailed Eagles available in limited supply!

Two silver releases showcased like never before

With the conclusion of the 2017 American Numismatic Association’s World’s Fair of Money, thousands of show-goers and hobbyists are seeking the perfect way to commemorate another successful show within their collection. Right now, collectors are invited to secure two of the industry’s most-popular silver releases that have both been paired with the MCM exclusive 2017 Denver ANA Label.

2017 1 oz. American Silver Eagle 4 Coin Set – Only 150 sets available!

As the world’s most-collected silver bullion coin, the American Silver Eagle has become a true staple within thousands of collections across the nation. While the ModernCoinMart (MCM) limited inventory of just 150 sets lasts, you have the opportunity to purchase a unique 4-coin set that contains four perfectly-graded Silver Eagles that bare a MCM exclusive 2017 Denver ANA Label that has been hand-signed by John Mercanti, the creator of the reverse of this iconic coin!

Your set includes:

  • 2017 ASE MS70
  • 2017-W Burnished ASE MS70
  • 2017-W Proof ASE PF70 UC
  • 2017-S Proof ASE PF70 UC

For collectors that prefer a single addition, MCM is offering an individual, 2017 Silver Eagle certified by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation to be in MS70 condition. Like the coins offered in the set, this individual coin bares our exclusive 2017 Denver ANA Label hand-signed by John Mercanti. Hurry, only 300 of these individual coins are available!

Normally Proof Silver Eagles are only struck at a single branch of the U.S. Mint, making this set unique in offering two Mint locations for 2017.

2017 American Silver Eagle Denver ANA 2017 NGC MS70 Exclusive Mercanti Signed ANA Label

2017 1 oz. Silver Wedge-Tailed Eagle – Only 300 available!

Since 2014, the Perth Mint’s Wedge-Tailed Eagle coins have continued to grow in popularity. Designed by former U.S. Mint Chief Engraver, John Mercanti, Silver Wedge-Tailed Eagles that have been certified to be in MS70 condition are also available now with the MCM exclusive 2017 Denver ANA Label hand-signed by John Mercanti.

2017-P Australia 1 oz Silver Wedge-Tailed Eagle $1 Coin Denver ANA 2017 NGC MS70 Exclusive Mercanti Signed ANA Label

Don’t miss this highly-limited offer giving you the opportunity to secure 2017 Silver American Silver Eagles or 2017 Wedge-Tailed Eagles that have been certified to be in perfect condition and adorned with our exclusive 2017 Denver ANA Label. To make this offer even more desirable, every offering includes an official-numbered NGC-authorized card! Act now to bring your collection to new heights.

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2017 Canada Star Trek coins: All five Captains on the Bridge!



Iconic Star Wars poster commemorated on 1 oz. of silver!

2 oz. Glow-in-the-Dark Coins: This popular Canadian series continues!

The popular Royal Canadian Mint series, Animals in the Moonlight, continues!

This time, collectors are whisked away to Canada’s pristine Pacific Coast

Following two previous sold-out releases, the RCM proudly introduces a coin featuring a male and female Orca swimming together along one of Canada’s beautiful coasts.

2017 Canada Animals in the Moonlight – Orcas 2 oz Silver Colorized Proof $30 Coin NGC PF70 UC Early Release Exclusive Canada Label

Designed by famous Canadian artist, Vanessa Miller, the reverse imagery romantically depicts these two giant creatures amidst a watercolor sky that glows with vibrant colors in and out of the light.

With detailed glow-in-the-dark features only possible with the use of high-tech equipment found at the RCM, each 2 oz. silver colorized coin is sure to make a splash in any collection.

2017 Canada Animals in the Moonlight – Orcas 2 oz Silver Colorized Proof $30 Coin GEM Proof in its Original Mint Packaging

Right now, ModernCoinMart (MCM) is proud to offer raw coins accompanied by original government packaging or graded coins that have been certified by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation to be in PF69 or PF70 condition and awarded the Early Releases designation and paired with our exclusive Canada label.

With a limited mintage of just 4,000 coins, you must hurry to continue your personal collection of this attractive series.

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2,000-year-old Silver Drachms of India found!

Do Silver Coins Make For A Great Investment?

silver coin is an excellent investment. There are a number of ways to show its worth. Nonetheless, let’s check three of them.Value of silver is valuing as well The value of silver is not dropping in the long term. Get silver coins as well as you won’t remain in a loss. You should acquire them at the ideal time, of training course. Acquiring silver coins online and also offline is a terrific selection. It is an excellent gift also. As a present, it is much more economical compared to gold coins. However it is an advanced gift. It is a thoughtful gift that will certainly be important in the years ahead. Silver, as a rare-earth element, is much more useful.Gold is really seldom used for dinnerware. However, in India, silver is used for

making tableware. It has the fundamental method of passing its benefits to the people who utilize them to drink and eat. So, silver is made use of for making dinnerware as well as jewelry. Silver is, in regards to worth, highly attached to gold. When you get silver coins online, you should take a look at silver as a product that is bought on exchange to value its value. Take one appearance as well as you will certainly recognize that it is less complicated and less expensive to acquire. Furthermore, it is well connected with the gold price. So, its worth will certainly appreciate with the boosting worth of gold. So, it is a littler riskier compared to gold, but it is just as fulfilling and also you can purchase far more silver in the amount that might not suffice for gold coin purchases. As you see the worth in the silver coin, you might see why the merchants market it in addition to the gold coins on the jewelry buying websites.

While it might not be one of the most bring in product on these internet sites, however silver coins to obtain sales as the expense will keep increasing up. Have a look at the last economic downturn as well as you will understand that people placed a lot more belief in these areas during these tough times. So, as you see exactly how trustworthy silver coins are as a financial investment choice for individuals of all classes. Neha Fernandez is a financial investment professional and also author living in Mumbai. He writes an once a week blog as well as is a freelance financial investment expert. He discovers over numerous

investment options consisting of Gold as well as Silver investments. His strong suit depends on Bullion financial investment which consists of acquiring Gold and also< a rel="nofollow"href= " "> silver coins online. Neha is a phenomenal investor as well as professional.