The Coin Unboxing Episode #3 | Silver Unboxing

The Coin Unboxing Episode #3

The Coin Unboxing Episode #3

We are back again with a very nice Ebay coin unboxing, which contain three original 1980s ANACS Certified Moragn dollars, but don’t take my word for it, come and see the LIVE! unboxing and enjoy the review.

SD Bullion

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6 Responses to The Coin Unboxing Episode #3

  1. Angel Silver4Tseven says:

    Nice pickups bro… Haaaaaappy Huuuunting……

  2. rdcoin7 says:

    Which sellers do you recommend from ebay?

  3. Gavin Alvares says:

    It is a solid 62 no higher due to the scratches but great luster and toning

  4. kvilleification says:

    Is there a reason for buying these with the old style holders, or did you just get a good deal?

  5. artifactman660 says:

    cool video! but I think you watched to many blues clues shows as a kid.

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