Unboxing Silver Slayer Poured Bars! | Silver Unboxing

Unboxing Silver Slayer Poured Bars!

Unboxing Silver Slayer Poured Bars!

Here is where you can purchase yours! http://www.ericsonmint.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=15&products_id=57&zenid=8c2aac9e97845f53d62ddd670e865012

SD Bullion

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26 Responses to Unboxing Silver Slayer Poured Bars!

  1. hobbs2471 says:

    very nice barz Slayer!!

  2. The Cable Guy Tech Videos says:

    I can’t wait to get mine!!

  3. Custom Coin Rings USA says:

    Beautiful bars, sir! I hope my 5 will arrive today or tomorrow. I’m going to start posting unboxing videos too.

  4. Pumpkin Face says:

    Those are sick bro. EriscksonMint did a great job. Congrats

  5. Daniel Bull Runner Lamb says:

    Will you make more bars?

  6. Silver Future says:

    these are sweet, mine were supposed to be here yesterday but they got delayed :(. Slayer, check your PM’s, I have an off topic question for ya bud!

  7. The Silver Psyop says:

    dude those are fin gorgeous

  8. gemmint77 says:

    Why the high premium on the bars?

  9. Silver Slacker says:

    Congrats on getting your own bars! They are a great way to commemorate your channel!

  10. Michael Z says:

    They are a good looking bar

  11. EricsonMint.com says:

    I’m so glad you like them! They are nice and shiny aren’t they? 🙂

  12. Italian G says:

    Who’s bars?    🙂

  13. TrikkeGuy says:

    Feeling it, is ya? Glad is we.

  14. Darby H says:

    hey silver slayer, i got bar number 063 (:

  15. Ruben Valencia says:

    Nice man! They did a great job!

  16. Darby H says:

    silver slayer, im away home all week form traveling for work, and i look foward to seeing your videos when i get home. youve inspired me into buying coins such as the Rwanda rooster and kookaburra. my next buy is going to be one of your bars, im just bummed there only 1 oz but W/e lol. keep up the good work man! let us know on what you next purchase is

  17. Ny Silver stacker says:

    I’d take the slayer bar over the panda any day of the week

  18. Silver for fun says:

    absolutely beautiful

  19. Silver Saver says:

    Awesome Silver Slayer custom bars, my friend!!! Very cool! Congratulations!

  20. Shiny AG99 says:

    Congratulation they look real nice.

  21. Kendall the Kidd says:

    Oops never remove from mint packaging, especially when I win in giveaway lol

  22. High Five says:

    super nice bars slayer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Mostly Outdoors says:

    Erickson mint did a great job! like the sealed pouches. can’t wait to get mine! if the winner chooses a SS bar will they still get the $1.00 of junk?

  24. Deplorable Duck says:

    pretty nice

  25. MrZeke says:

    finely poured bars! very cool. Rather have poured silver over other forms any day! Very dense!

  26. Eli says:

    Very nice indeed!

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