APMEX Great Hammerhead Shark & Funnel Web Spider Silver Coins Unboxing | Silver Unboxing

APMEX Great Hammerhead Shark & Funnel Web Spider Silver Coins Unboxing

APMEX Great Hammerhead Shark & Funnel Web Spider Silver Coins Unboxing

Check out the Great Hammerhead Shark 1/2 Oz Silver Coin

And also the Australian Funnel Web Spider 1 oz coin

SD Bullion

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50 Responses to APMEX Great Hammerhead Shark & Funnel Web Spider Silver Coins Unboxing

  1. Leejack 27 says:

    Very nice Sal, thanks for showing us!

  2. BigStack Daddy says:

    I got mine on order..waiting for check to clear!

  3. com·pli·ca·tions says:

    Just picked up a few of these Hammerheads to start my journey toward a tube of them. Waiting on an MS69 Funnel Web from MCM also.

  4. halfdollar1 says:

    They are some nice bullion coins SM.  I like the spider.  Damn all those who say otherwise;-)

  5. Massachusetts Prepper says:

    A couple of more very nice rounds. And even though I don’t like spiders I think the funnel web spider round is very nice looking. Thanks for sharing brother.

  6. Gold Bug says:

    I like the sharks, ordered them and waiting now! thanks for showing the one one, it is the first time I see this in a video cheers!

  7. Silver Faith says:

    Nice Hammerhead , can’t wait to get one too 🙂

  8. Silver Holds The Future says:

    Wow, you got your Hammerhead fast, I ordered mine the moment they were listed for sale, but I have yet to receive them, my only guess is you must live closer to Apmex or something. Anyway, they really are neat looking, I like the series, I just wish I knew more of their intentions, i.e. how many different will be issued and over how long of a period, if you know anything more please tell me. We definitely have similar tastes, as I also ordered the Funnel-web spider on the same day, although not from Apmex.

  9. Paradigm Failure says:

    Shark is awesome. Wish there were a 2 oz. Great design.

  10. Silver Orgold says:

    Nice coins SM!

    I just picked up the one ounce great white shark myself.

    I love that hammerhead too. Thinking about getting it.

    Thanks for sharing!!

  11. Salboy says:

    The finish on the hammerhead looks a bit too grainy for me. As for the spider… on second thought I’d rather not think about that coin altogether lol.

  12. Silver College says:

    Thanks for sharing! I can’t wait to pick one up!

  13. Ag Stacker says:

    I am not a fan of half ounce coins

  14. LadyLibertyStacker says:

    These creatures look better on the coins than in person SM! lol Thanks for sharing!

  15. AuRebel says:

    I like the Hammerhead coin and plan on getting some shortly, wish they would of did more in the field. Nice pickups my friend, thanks for sharing.

  16. silver sam says:

    I like these definitely getting some


    Both on my list…may wait a little while on the spiders heard of a lot of spotting problems so far, but yours looks good.

  18. MidWest Stacker says:

    Learned something new today. Didn’t know the half oz was limited to APMEX. Great Pickups

  19. Christopher Sanchez says:

    That shark coin does look great on this end..

  20. cha5cha5cow says:

    That was an awful lot of packaging for TWO coins. 🙁

  21. Silver NewJack says:

    I have to buy some of these to keep the series going. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  22. 24K ArabiaFelix says:

    i just ordered 1 spider cant wait to see it.

  23. MrUlfang says:

    Ohhh No hear it comes. ITS HAMMER TIME, womp womp.

  24. Silver Padawan says:

    Thanks for the Vid!  I have 6 hammerheads in my basket for tonight’s order. Ordered the 2014 1/2oz shark and really like them.

  25. Silver Grabber says:

    I will be getting the spider coin later. Not now because of the problems. If they dont fix them. I just wont get it. The sharks though. I am ordering 2 of those either today or tomorrow. Keep stacking

  26. GodsLastCall says:

    I got the same coin as well and it looks like there’s white spots on both sides of the front fin…interesting that it appears to be on your coin as well…

  27. SilverHustlin13 says:

    Very nice showing of the Shark! I kinda like the spider as well, preesh the show Sir!

  28. MétéoMan says:

    Thanks Salivate, good to see those coins up close. I was just surprised to see they are a tad cheaper in Canada. Usually you guys get a better deal. Personally, I like frosty coins, the opposite of the Britannia.

  29. Mike MakesRight says:

    will there ever be a soft kitty coin ;-( ?

  30. angel the food hoarder says:

    silver needs to raise!

  31. silverflash says:

    Very nice coins, thanks for showing.

  32. silvernut FL says:

    Thanks for sharing. very nice

  33. Joshua Rose says:

    just ordered mine

  34. Silver Falkon says:

    I almost have my tube of Hammerheads filled.

  35. Boogeyman 77 says:

    I really like that funnel web spider coin. .i just hope they correct that hazy issue soon. Cool coins.

  36. Silver Slacker says:

    Not a big fan of the shark coin. I just wish they had different finishes on it like the Perth mint does on many of their other coins.

  37. John Lear says:

    Both of these coins have a crappy finish , I wont be buying any.

  38. walt2t says:

    Thanks for sharing.  Going to pick up a couple hammerheads with my next order, cool looking piece.

  39. silver sam says:

    Very nice

  40. Bubba Love says:

    Always enjoy watching and learning. thank you S.M.                                    B.love

  41. Dellrugby PM says:

    Yes it does appear to be a matte finish not sure on the spelling…

  42. SilverStackMagician says:

    I also had that milky background on my funnel web spider :/

  43. Brian TheLog says:

    These coins do nothing for me… i will just keep collecting my 90% silver quarters.

  44. Silver Chronic says:

    They sent a blue APMEX box for 1 1/2 ounces of silver? Never seen that before (unless it was some proof with a box & COA).

    I thought the sharks would be more popular… the exclusives never seem to catch on as fast as I would have predicted (Sharks, Bisons, Wedge-Tailed, Biblical series, etc…)

  45. Prospector Stone says:

    cool! gonna pick up a tube of the sharkies soon and continue my collection 🙂

  46. J Silver says:

    Thanks for showing. I have both of those ordered!

  47. Dean Chute Dean Chute says:

    Lol i must love silver to much i dont think they are ugly at all . The only ugly silver is fake silver

  48. SILVER ROOKIE says:

    Nice pickups. Both are great coins.

  49. Anthony G. says:

    I really like Perth Mint products overall and I think the Hammerhead design is nice, but the quality of the coin IMO seems lacking.

  50. StackAndPrepper says:

    I wasn’t really impressed with the hammerhead coin initially, but you did a really good job of showcasing it on this video.  I’m starting to like it more now.  I think I’ll pick up a few of them after all.  Thanks Sal. Oh, and I liked the funnel web spider right out of the gate. Planning to give those out to my grand kids for Halloween.

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