Silver Unboxing #84: Provident Metals | Silver Unboxing

Silver Unboxing #84: Provident Metals

Silver Unboxing #84: Provident Metals

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43 Responses to Silver Unboxing #84: Provident Metals

  1. AG Argentum says:

    Nice score!

  2. Silver Saver says:

    CONGRATULATIONS for owing your desired gold Double Eagle! It must be so satisfying to finally get it after saving up for it. Beautiful gold coin- awesome 62 1/2 oz of silver. Huge haul! Thanks for sharing!

  3. SilverStacking pro says:

    lovely! lots of silver too!

  4. SharpAsSilver says:

    sweet pick ups. That double eagle is something special.

  5. StackMaster G says:

    Nice pickups. I grabbed a roll of 1/2 oz Monkeys myself from Provident when spot was in the low 14s. These are pretty sweet. Love the double eagle gold piece. very nice! This is on my list, but trying to find one with reasonable premiums. Like all the YPS poured stuff, too. Very cool.

  6. Silver Diva says:

    Wow!!! Great unboxing, Love the gold Double eagle…

  7. Bonekrusher1967 says:

    How has your experience been buying from Provident Metals? I am looking to put a purchase in with them.Btw awesome videos.

  8. Don't Touch My Silver says:

    Awesome pickups! Liked and subbed, please do the same

  9. Zygmunt Pieczerzyński says:

    hey, I’m from Poland i’m investing in silver coins made by polish national bank in ngc grading ms 70, 2oz coins from series skarby stanislawa augusta mintage is 5000, coins from 2013 cost four times more. Some day ago i bought WLADISLAW WARNENCZYK 50ZL COINS, best regards

  10. Silver Rush says:

    I agree that those 1/2 oz Monkeys are a great investment and I really love the 4 oz YPS Kit Kat. I been looking at it for a while now, don’t know why I haven’t pulled the trigger yet lol.

  11. AuRebel says:

    Awesome pickups and a beautiful $20 gold eagle.

  12. doogcat says:

    love those cougars and the tank privy coins very nice gold piece awesome order if you don’t hold it you don’t own it great job bro. I to am collector and stacker love the video

  13. J Silver says:

    Oh man, every time I hear Americans talk about gold being $1200-$1250/oz I get so jealous!!! It’s $1655/oz in Canada 🙁

    Impressive haul of silver…. and that gold piece!!! WOW 🙂

  14. AuAg StacKING says:

    Sweet pick ups bro!! Keep stacking

  15. SilverGold Prince says:

    Incredible pickups! Congrats! 🙂

  16. Richard Forester says:

    Nice order. Especially like the Liberty Head Double Eagle. I hope to get one myself someday.

  17. SILVER COINS & Дмитрий Васильев says:

    wow….excellent set!!!

  18. OMAR and WASIF says:

    Nice unboxing!

  19. richcali21 says:

    could you do a full stack video? it would be nice to see your whole collection all in a single video. Thanks for sharing

  20. Coin hunter says:

    very nice pickups

  21. Dux Butt says:

    nice score my friend. I subbed you up. thanks for sharing

  22. ReviewsOFeverything says:

    awesome pickups, i just got a roll of them 1/2 lunars for the same reason, thanks for sharing!

  23. Maribel Lugo says:

    Hello Silver Inferno,
    That is a great unboxing thanks for sharing.
    I like all your silver buys and that double eagle
    is amazing. Great video.



  25. Drake Borden says:

    Great haul! Those kilo bars are a nice size.

  26. The Dream Team Stackers says:

    Nice pickups! Love the double eagle!! Check out my vids! Liked & subbed!

  27. Argentum Spartus says:

    Fantastic pickup! The gold double eagle is amazing, congrats!!!

  28. Old Dog says:

    You are paying a real premium, dude. Too much profit for the seller. All you have to do is spend more on less variety.

  29. Young Blood Silver says:

    Can you check out my new silver channel? I just made my first video!

  30. salvatore manno says:

    nice coins great stack hope to see more videos

  31. SilverPicker says:

    Nice pickups, thanks for sharing!

  32. Collector4Life says:

    Nice silver unboxing, thank you for sharing them.

  33. Not Sonew says:

    Nice! Love the double eagle!

  34. Don't Touch My Silver says:

    I’m getting 2 Cougars, 1 elephant and 2 cleopatra 2 oz rounds, coming soon from provident! Can’t wait!!

  35. Silver4Life 1230 says:

    outstanding pick ups great verity enjoyed..

  36. Silver Falkon says:



  37. Mike K says:

    whistles……..nice large unboxing! Love the double eagle!

  38. B Money says:

    Good video, I just started stacking the beginning of the year, so far I managed to stack 140 1oz American Eagle coins from Provident and 3 10 oz bars. I will look to getting some gold soon after I stack 500oz of silver

  39. dchevron77 says:

    Really nice unboxing! Do you happen to know what airtites fit the cougars?

  40. Tree says:

    Whoa what a nice double eagle!

  41. Cheese says:

    Love that roll of 1/2 oz Monkeys. Looking good…

  42. Silver BullionNumi says:

    man that double eagle is an absolute beauty! great stuff all around! thx for sharing 🙂 It’s wild to think that those actually WERE $20 at one point in time…

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