Interesting Unboxing Old Silver Coins: Somalia Elephants + Pandas + Lunars | Silver Unboxing

Interesting Unboxing Old Silver Coins: Somalia Elephants + Pandas + Lunars

12 Responses to Interesting Unboxing Old Silver Coins: Somalia Elephants + Pandas + Lunars

  1. Alexander R De Voogt says:

    I love those lunars, they are very cool! Thanks for showing.

  2. SilverSekeer1 says:

    Very nice additions. Thanks for sharing

  3. LadyLibertyStacker says:

    Nice pickups Silver Mower!  I love the Somalia Elephants and Pandas.  I recently checked my 2016 Pandas (still flawless and I purchased last December), but my 2016 .9999 Somalia Elephants are starting to spot.  Most are good, but there are a couple of small milk spots on a couple of them.  I probably won’t buy any more of the new ones.  If you stick with the older ones (more expensive), they should hold up better over time.  Thanks for sharing!

  4. Silver Bean Counter says:

    cool show, thanks

  5. Dutch Silver Bullion Collector says:

    nice pick-ups, have same taste, subbed to you

  6. Canadian Silver Saver says:

    Nice pick ups. Always love Pandas. Thanks for sharing

  7. Silverino says:

    yes, I also agree on the silver rooster being better designed than the gold one. Congrats on the Elephants. Oh, …my 5oz Rooster capsule is a bit scratched too 🙁

  8. Silver Stacking Insomniac says:

    Great additions. Hope they are legit too…awesome pickups.

  9. silvernut FL says:

    Those are some beautiful coins.

  10. Pit Bullion says:

    Great Unboxing. love the Somali elephants 🙁

  11. SilberfuchsAg47 says:

    Hi, you seem to have almost the same taste in coins like I do. The Lunars are always a good investment, if you keep them long enough, but this year´s design is really nice. I think I wrote it about five or six times all over the community already that I like the silver design more this year because it looks so natural.
    If you really like the Elephants, I have good news: from 2017 on they do various sizes, from 1/10th oz, 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz, of course the 1 oz, 2 oz, 5 oz and 10 oz up to the well known kilo, all in the 999,9 fineness that was risen already this year from 999 to 999,9. I can´t wait for them to arrive at the first german dealers to have a look at them.
    Congrats to your Pandas, seems like a deal almost to good to be true. I always get suspicious if Pandas come along not in the original capsules but there are ways to test if they are for real. Bye

  12. Moroccan Stacker says:

    very nice pickups man congratz.

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