Bought Gold with Bitcoin with the bitcoin to gold ratio and a special unboxing of 2017 ms 69 fs gold | Silver Unboxing

Bought Gold with Bitcoin with the bitcoin to gold ratio and a special unboxing of 2017 ms 69 fs gold

Bought Gold with Bitcoin with the bitcoin to gold ratio and a special unboxing of 2017 ms 69 fs gold

The Gold Coin I have chosen!:

Hydroponics: Literally no shortage of hydroponic footage coming your way in the weeks and months to come – lots of traveling lately so it’s been difficult getting everything edited in time and so on – HOWEVER there will be a special Disney video about hydroponics at Epcot Center – as well as a new custom hydroponic build, BB5 updates and other cool things

Bitcoins and Precious metals: Well there’s quite a bit to be said here – to start Bitcoin has been shooting to the moon and as of today is tickling my desired $2500 price point which is just crazy awesome for a few reasons – mainly my desire to play the bitcoin to gold ratio! don’t forget i love the shiny stuff too and see this as a great opportunity to take advantage of!

given that roughly Bitcoin is around $2430-$2450 right now, and gold is roughly $1250 we can then determine that it will only take ROUGHLY HALF of a Bitcoin to purchase a full troy ounce of gold at spot !! or basically one Bitcoin can now buy you two whole troy ounces of solid gold!

So if Bitcoin is crazy awesome right now why the heck do I want to Buy gold??

Simple, Bitcoin has been going parabolic and it neeeeeds to reset and calm sometime, and frankly given that Gold ( and other precious metals) are greatly undervalued and relatively cheap i’m seeing this as a way to not only take advantage of my “winnings’ with Bitcoin but hedge the potential bubble coming all the while taking advantage of Golds lower prices – All I can think of how much of a “steal of a deal” this trade could be – and we haven’t even really talked about other more looming bubbles in the economy which can provide even more effective plays with the cryptos and metals!

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  1. SalivateMetal says:

    Nice way to leverage your Bitcoin earnings. Nicely done!

  2. steve steve says:

    Do you ever show the coin?