10 oz. Kookaburra – Clearly Excited… | Silver Unboxing

10 oz. Kookaburra – Clearly Excited…

10 oz. Kookaburra – Clearly Excited…

My first 10 oz coin! Forgive the hasty, ill prepared video; I’m thrilled!
I probably should have had my 1 oz. coins out with it but I ran from the mailbox to the camera…!

SD Bullion

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8 Responses to 10 oz. Kookaburra – Clearly Excited…

  1. Erli niner says:

    That looks great. This is the second 10 oz kookaburra I’ve seen in videos today. I think that’s destiny telling me I should get it.

  2. David England says:

    Nice purchase

  3. Silver Saver says:

    Very good choice! Beautiful 10 oz Kook!!!

  4. lllSilver Hunterlll says:

    Great choice! The 10 oz really brings out the attention to detail. Sweet pickup!

  5. Silver Sleek says:

    I agree the 2016 Kook is one their best designs! Wish I didn’t sell my 2015 10 oz kookaburra! Liked and subscribed! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Argentum Spartus says:

    I think the 2016 is the best design so far!!

  7. HiHo Silver says:

    Congrats! Great choice for your first :). HiHo

  8. Shadow Stack says:

    Congrats good choice!!