Silver Bullion APMEX shipment! | Silver Unboxing

Silver Bullion APMEX shipment!

Silver Bullion   APMEX shipment!

Silver and gold are on the rise, as usual. Wanted to give a shout out to Drutter. . Really cool guy.
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SD Bullion

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22 Responses to Silver Bullion APMEX shipment!

  1. iThinkYourMadBro says:


  2. mcrfuse says:

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  3. iThinkYourMadBro says:

    what an ugly sack of shit!

  4. SilverandGoldNow says:

    The 666 appears to be a cashless, goldless, electronic debt type of money system that allows constant tracking of and permission for all types of trade.
    The opposite is God’s creation of gold and silver as a provision for men to use as honest weights and measures for money, which are anonymous, and you don’t need anyone’s permission to use.
    Deuteronomy 25:15
    You must have accurate and honest weights and measures, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you.

  5. Arah Godbole says:

    dont like dont watch u fag

  6. StukityFarnsworth says:

    it can be if you are ordering from a sketchy website, but not if its from apmex. ive ordered from apmex over 20 times and all of them the delivery has been in about 3 days. great place. but if your worried about not recieveing it; try going to a coin shop, flea market, etc to buy!

  7. pipefitters1 says:

    is it not risky to get your silver/gold by mail or ups?

  8. StukityFarnsworth says:

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  9. ThemAquaKidz says:

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  10. Ryan Hansell says:

    Apmex charges too much anyways… I get mine from provident metals….

  11. StukityFarnsworth says:

    how so?

  12. kcrone1 says:

    APMEX the biggest rip off on the internet!

  13. silverjunky999 says:

    nice collection ! Darrell Silverbugs

  14. StukityFarnsworth says:

    i wouldnt call it a ripoff. but i would say its a little price, but it was worth is. its a beautiful coin. and in great condition for being from 1986.

  15. StukityFarnsworth says:

    i invest in copper also, not too much, but you should have some in your collection. I am going to order about 20 pounds of it. its not even alot of money, hahha.

  16. silverexplosion says:

    @twin1010101010 I’m older than 30 and younger than 50

  17. Habeev07 says:

    @patikkorda for your own good go with Gods money. GOLD AND SILVER. lol why else would that HIT SHOW “PAWN STARS” be called Gold and Silver pawn shop. Explain that too.

  18. Habeev07 says:

    Im 22 and my birthday falls on the 2012 date. no joke. I also look strikingly like Prince William. no joke. vote Ron Paul 2012!! GOOD VIDEO MAN WERE PRETTY ALIKE!

  19. Habeev07 says:

    Silver is the 2nd most useful commodity with 10k apps behind Oil with 20-30k applications. how the hell can you say silver isnt money. Its only followed gold for 5000 years and all currency until 1971 was gold and silver . Silver has only 3 substitutes Platinum Rhodium and Gold. Thats it. People say copper can, but for few instances. And with 2/3 of silver mined comes from focused extraction of other metals, you will always see silvers price reflection based on mining costs and demand.

  20. silverexplosion says:

    Silver is gonna smoke gold percentage wise in the future. I have NO gold, I have 905 ounces of silver.

  21. Patrik Korda says:

    $60/oz? Damn that’s a ripoff. Most people buy silver instead of gold to get the manly feel. Who needs just a few ounces of gold when you can have a few kilograms of silver right? What these people don’t realize is that gold is a monetary metal, whereas silver is an industrial metal. As gold continues to go higher and silver stays below its $48 peak this will become quite apparent.

  22. JezebelDecibel says:

    I think you got a good buy on the prof Libertad 🙂
    Yes, drutter is a great silver channel & he is a wonderful man, I look forward to hearing how his holiday at Burning Man gorse 🙂