Monarch Precious Metals Silver unboxing | Silver Unboxing

Monarch Precious Metals Silver unboxing

A quick unboxing from MPM.
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SD Bullion

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25 Responses to Monarch Precious Metals Silver unboxing

  1. Silver Bully says:

    Nice pickup, you will eventually make your premiums back on the 1/10 rounds but I stay away from them cost to much a oz. And if it ever gets to the point where we need silver to buy items with then a 1 oz round is soft enough to break or cut. I love monarch poured bars

  2. SilverTurtle65 says:

    Nice add to collection, Thanks for sharing.

  3. TinfoilHatGirl says:

    Yes, same with with German fractional junk silver (we dont have rounds), very high premiums at the moment. Luckily I gathered quite a pile of it when silver spot was higher and junk “cheap”. You could then get fractional junk near spot. Now I try to keep away…it is better to concentrate on normal bullion at the moment to drive my cost average down. Bullion is the cheapest at the moment. I will wait with more fractional junk until silver spot passes junk prices before I add more of it.

  4. Heavenly Prepper says:

    Very true.

  5. Heavenly Prepper says:

    Thanks Sniper!

  6. Heavenly Prepper says:


  7. Heavenly Prepper says:

    Yeah, the premiums are about twice what you would pay for American Eagles on a per ounce basis but I sometimes get bored with the Eagles, and it is time to diversify the stack.

  8. Heavenly Prepper says:

    Thanks. I’ve thought of doing the full stack vid several times. I am hesitant for several reasons but who knows maybe I will. I just don’t want to “show off” or appear to be bragging as that would definitely take away from my overall message, which is much more important. We’ll see.

  9. Heavenly Prepper says:

    Thanks Salivate. I do like Monarch and their selection of silver. They are part of my top 5 favorite silver bullion dealers.

  10. Heavenly Prepper says:


  11. Heavenly Prepper says:

    That is my thinking as well. Thanks for the comments.

  12. Heavenly Prepper says:

    Thanks, I’ll do my best.

  13. Heavenly Prepper says:

    My thoughts exactly.

  14. Heavenly Prepper says:

    The premiums are higher than I like. About $4.20 per ounce more than an American Eagle. I just really like having fractional silver though. And it is still cheaper than buying Morgan Dollars and many other constitutional silver!

  15. greg williams says:

    Very nice pickup. The premium on those little buggers must have been huge. Great to have though.

  16. MrSilverup says:

    very nice shagadelic Heavenly.. I like those Monarch 1oz’ers.. very much

  17. dmatthews778 says:

    You’ve been stackin pretty hard on the fractional stuff recently. I love it!! Your stack is getting extremely diverse with all of that… I would LOVE to see a full stack update from you… I’m sure it is ridiculous. Stack on brother!

  18. SalivateMetal says:

    Nice fractional and one ounce monarch rounds HP! Great pickups!

  19. PreTrendInvestor says:

    Nice additions to the stack. 

  20. smokethirteen says:

    Very nice. It’s very important IMO to have fractional silver on hand for the purpose of barter. You won’t be regretting the premiums then.

  21. mrboyd1980 says:

    Sweet my friend. Nice purchase! Keep preaching and prepping

  22. TinfoilHatGirl says:

    I dig these small silver rounds! How much premium on spot in absolute and percent wise do you pay for them? I would like to gather some more silver in small fractions but since the price for German Junk is way too much over spot at the moment I have no alternative

  23. MrSilverBulletSniper says:

    Nice additions to the stack… Beautiful!

  24. Cdn Silver Arrow says:

    That’s some good bartering silver you got there! I’ve always liked how the 1/10 ounce are like dimes but worth way more.

  25. mcrfuse says:

    damn that is very high on premium