March silver unboxing!!!! Maple leaves, Britannias and more | Silver Unboxing

March silver unboxing!!!! Maple leaves, Britannias and more

First unboxing ever, I was super stoked to get this I the mail today, I believe I have a good assortment of coins here, maybe some review on them if there’s …

SD Bullion

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25 Responses to March silver unboxing!!!! Maple leaves, Britannias and more

  1. jbroon2221971 says:

    Good vid my friend, ive not long started mysef need to do a vid when i get my next order. I have one maple, two 1.5ounce canadian polar bears tho these coins have lots of marks on them? one umicor 100g bar, one coala bear and one panda, the britania looks awsome next on my list.

  2. ThesharpNshiny says:

    Great pickups, I need the 2oz Snake to complete the set for me.

  3. Max Pax says:

    Yea its a great coin its a lot more detailed then what it appeared in online images. Its a great coin and the mirror finish on the back is great.

  4. Max Pax says:

    Thanks Silveraddict!

  5. Silveraddict90 says:

    Very nice my friend! 😀

  6. gardehusar24 says:

    Lovely coins 🙂
    I really like the Taku, 🙂 It really looks good.

  7. Max Pax says:

    Thanks a lot ill be ramming these in my safe

  8. Max Pax says:

    Will do GJ!

  9. Max Pax says:

    Yea it was very exciting and new experience for me.

  10. Max Pax says:

    Thanks man all these coins are first for me so there’s defiantly a big wow factor for me. Thanks for watching and keep stacking!

  11. GSilvermani says:

    Great to see such enthusiasm for a unboxing great vid

  12. vinnycenz18 says:

    I love how excited u are! I was the same way! Congrats and welcome!! Ciao

  13. gjcoins says:

    nice additions to your stack , keep em comming!

  14. B1r6m4n says:

    Fantastic vid! I think the snake is my fav too!

  15. Max Pax says:

    Thanks a lot, i think i might be one of my favorites, but i have to admit if they had a 2oz Britannica i would be broke.

  16. Max Pax says:

    yea may be a little late in the game but silver will always retain its value. Keep stacking!

  17. Silva Stacka says:

    That big 2oz snake is awesome 🙂 Coingrats!

  18. yttst01 says:

    Nice score!

  19. John Taylor says:

    nice to know someone is getting into this at round about the same time I am 🙂

  20. Max Pax says:

    Hey silverfish, yea i’m hooked, i’m looking for ways right now to cut down on my monthly expenditures so i can blast my monthly goals and my yearly one. Thanks for watching silverfish it means a lot.

  21. Max Pax says:

    Yea i think i caught the silver bug. Nice order that a lot of coin. thanks for the comment and support. Keep stacking!

  22. Max Pax says:

    There great coin, very detailed and clean, congratz on the great buy

  23. 1974silverboy says:

    excellent stuff! i just ordered a 2013 kook from my dealer, looking forward to getting it.

  24. PharmSilver says:

    Nice work! You are definitely hooked as fish said. It’s the best addiction out there! I ordered 23 oz this week alone!