Junk Silver. And A Lot Of It! | Silver Unboxing

Junk Silver. And A Lot Of It!

today i show you my entire junk silver collection which accounts for the majority of my silver collection. i have 2 nickles, 14 dimes, 21 quarters, 10 halves…

SD Bullion

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21 Responses to Junk Silver. And A Lot Of It!

  1. Bob Barker says:

    Thats funny, I have an 1880 O Morgan that was my first silver. Nive coin and nice VID!

  2. Jose Aparicio says:

    Nice stack of junk bro…

  3. mcrfuse says:

    why is that your lucky peace dollar

  4. TheSilverlover999 says:

    Philippines 1903-1906 1 Peso Silver coins 90% Silver 26.9 gram each. I also love 1964 Kennedy half dollars and Peace Dollars only. they are the best to collect.

  5. 428428428428 says:

    not interested in selling or trading. plus everyone loses in a trade because of postage. sorry

  6. eliyahouc says:

    any for saleor trade??

  7. 428428428428 says:

    Most of these are bought but i always wanted to get into metal detecting. just need to get  a medal detector first. haha

  8. papermoney54 says:

    how did you get these? crh or buying them or metal detecting????

  9. 428428428428 says:

    Junk silver is when the coin is only worth its silver content and has no numismatic value.

  10. NicktheMainer says:

    What is junk silver?

  11. jared19962212 says:

    Canadian junk silver, more specifically 50 cent pieces. There are quite a few inexperienced dealers in canada which don’t realize canadian junk silver from 1919 and before is sterling silver so they will sell it at the same price as 80% silver coins. Now there are some deals.

  12. SilverMapleLeafs says:

    Nice! I like your junk Silver.

  13. SilverRussell says:

    got a good start

  14. melonsmash3r says:

    coins coins coins

  15. melonsmash3r says:

    its ABSOLUTE

  16. Joe Das says:

    ABSOLUTELY, cause you know morgans are my ABSOLUTELY favorite coin. yeah, ABSOLUTELY.

  17. melonsmash3r says:

    My favorite type of coins to collect are junk silver because they’re awesome and i love the sound they make when you drop them haha, i like especially mercury dimes cause i think that the have a really beautiful designl, also because it was the first silver coin. also i like bullions because they always have a awesome design, ive never seen one with a design that i didnt like and they are bright beautiful and heavy. and i just love of getting a new one every time to add to my stack(:

  18. melonsmash3r says:

    wow. deep.

  19. rocky315w says:

    my favorite coin is the kook that somehow flew in your window i want him back just leave the window open he.ll find his way home, i guess i,m lucky it wasn,t a turtle it would take hom forever

  20. Joe Das says:

    My favorite coin to collect would have to be Morgans, even though I only have 2 haha, but I like them because they amaze me, because many of them are in such great condition for being so old. And every coin shop, every coin show I go to they seem to be everywhere, so to me theyre like a symbol of coin collecting.

  21. rocky315w says:

    ok i guess my prize is in the mail, you better take a picture of that because its probably the first time that bed has been made since school started.