Gainsville Coins Review & Unboxing (28 oz) – Somalia Elephants and Future plans | Silver Unboxing

Gainsville Coins Review & Unboxing (28 oz) – Somalia Elephants and Future plans

Gainsville Coins Unboxing & Review This is my personal experience with Gainsville Coins regarding this unboxing. Its use is intended for educational purposes…
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10 Responses to Gainsville Coins Review & Unboxing (28 oz) – Somalia Elephants and Future plans

  1. Matt Montgomery says:

    last thursday i placed an order with apmex at 8am and with scottsdale silver at around noon ….. the scottsdale silver arrived on saturday(today is sunday) and the apmex order hasnt shipped yet :(…. ill make an unboxing vid when it finally arrives

  2. PreTrendInvestor says:

    Very cool. I saw. Check out my new vid.

  3. PreTrendInvestor says:

    PM me the link. Nothing was posted when I looked.

  4. Silver Bully says:

    I was able to borrow a cam and do a post unboxing

  5. Silver Bully says:

    Sorry no unboxing video from JM though my 177 ounces arrived safely and in good shape they have excellent service and quick shipping. Shipped on two days

  6. Silver Bully says:

    your right about they will hold their value a little better if prices hit rock bottom but you still lose some value. To each their own either way your going to make money. My unboxing tomorrow is a large order and thats what i like about JM small or large 2-3 days shipping

  7. PreTrendInvestor says:

    I’ll give JM Bullion a try in the future, thanks for the recommendation. I agree with you about minimizing your average cost per ounce. Some of the coins I purchase hold collector value over time that will result in the coin being worth more even if silver were to go down in price, opposed to generic rounds being at the mercy of the market. As far as I’m concerned if it makes you happy you’re doing it right!

  8. Silver Bully says:

    Gainsville i stay away from totally because their shipping prices are higher. So unless they have free shipping on bars or generic rounds i wont be buying from them

  9. Silver Bully says:

    not bad shipping time. Try JM Bullion they tell you what in stock ready to ship and ship it out in 2-3 days.. Just as good prices. I will be doing a JM unboxing tomorrow when it arrives. Me i would be sinking in all the money you spent on pandas on bars or generic rounds… RIght now it it all about bringing your cost per ounce down as far as you can

  10. SilverTurtle65 says:

    I really like the elephants, Great price, Thank for sharing.