Silver unboxing | Silver Unboxing

Silver unboxing

Correction Year of the rabbit not dragon as i said , it’s been a terrible week.. Beware of the mailman, and want to clarify it was the second time this week …

SD Bullion

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13 Responses to Silver unboxing

  1. Michael Silver says:

    Will wait with baited breath for your words about Chris Duane. Sure they are going to be nice,,,,LOL

  2. Silver Bully says:

    Thanks for the view, my money order made it, 6 days from west coast to denver CO it went via snail mail. And they wont give a refund even though i paid for priority. The mail man put my prority mail in domestic ground At this point i am glad it made it and my silver will be here today so will do a unboxing and a few words about Chris Duane

  3. Michael Silver says:

    They screw you! Then you have to pay them to find out why? Great addition to your stack. Perth Mint beauty, nothing else like it. Subbed & liked.

    Kind Regards

  4. Silver Bully says:

    I knew it was going to drop again today with the fed meetings today and them acting like the economy is doing good. Depending what happens on the rest of the data coming out this week I think we may see high 18, low 19 by Friday.. I am waiting to buy a small 10-12 ounce purchase. But think we have a little more downside yet this week

  5. Max Walker says:

    Great video

  6. SilverTurtle65 says:

    I subbed. Look forward to more videos.

  7. SilverTurtle65 says:

    Good job, it’s all good Silver. Paranoia is part of being prepared. Sucks that you can’t even count on the US mail.

  8. Silver Bully says:

    thanks for the view i feel $18.50 is the the bottom, plenty resistance at that level but yes i think we will have this buying opp for a while.

  9. Silver Bully says:

    Update, it took 6 days for a priority mailing to go from California to Denver. So Amagi did get the mailing I assume my money order is still inside. So i paid for priority and got second class service.

  10. Silver Bully says:

    Thanks, and i just found out good news tracked my package today and it showed that it arrived at destination. Not sure how a priority mailing can take 6 days to get from California to denver but it did..

  11. PreTrendInvestor says:

    Sorry to hear about what happened with your money order. I add the cost to my overall even if it’s free silver.. Nice kilo rabbit SB.

  12. Silver Bully says:

    Bank transfer is 23 dollars for me i did that on a 4k order but 400.00 not worth it. And thats what i thought i would do is include it in my average and just call it 22.56 either way i am not selling until it gets in the mid 30’s or higher.Thanks for the view

  13. greg williams says:

    wow – what a drama you went through…it might pay off to set it up so you can do bank transfer in the future. It removes the dishonest human element altogether, or do as you said, take it home and post it later.
    Very nice kilo rabbit. In my opinion add it to your ounce count and the cost was zero, so basically brings your cost average way down. Doesn’t matter if it was free or not, its part of your stack and therefore the cost of it should be included in cost average. Just my opinion 🙂