Monarch Precious Metals Order Unboxing | Silver Unboxing

Monarch Precious Metals Order Unboxing

Unboxing of my Monarch Precious metals order SUBSCRIBE AND CHECK OUT MY OTHER VIDEOS THANKS.
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25 Responses to Monarch Precious Metals Order Unboxing

  1. YouChube94 says:


  2. YouChube94 says:

    First of all, it’s pronounce ‘N-velope’. One of my pet peeves is pronouncing that. Second, it’s hand poured, there’s going to be ridges, small dents, and imperfect edges. Cry about it. It gives the bar an antique look. And lastly, MPM is one of the cheapest. It’s a bit of Provident Metals combined with Apmex. Cheaper premiums with unique bars.

  3. mememe123xyz says:

    man what a cry baby.

  4. mcrfuse says:

    why can’t you just weigh it?

  5. Hold the Mayo says:

    I can’t stop laughing about how you go off on the dent. I would feel the same way, i wouldn’t want a dent.

  6. bpsell says:

    Apmex does suck. they have way too high of a premium over spot prices. MPM and silvertowne are the best for buying silver. This guy in this video needs to stop crying about this dent, it gives the bars character. If you dont like it then dont get poured bars lol

  7. mcrfuse says:

    Apmex sucks! Provident metals is the best

  8. Dylan Camacho says:

    No buy apmex no dents

  9. 030BlueAngel says:

    I have bought a bunch from MPM over the last 2 years. Seems like you don’t think they should make any profit. And, the hand poured bars will have imperfections. If you want perfect, buy extruded bars. Me….I will contunue shopping at MPM.

  10. TumisHumis says:

    I think Monarch is top tier for ordering PMs, they give discounts on 20-100 and 100-300 oz orders, which is a nice change of pace when you look at some larger dealers that only offer discounts to folks buying 5,000oz. Ordering less than 100oz from an online dealer is a mistake. They’re moving gold bars, and huge shipments of silver, they’re not going to be able to send you a little bar first class for spot. That’s not how their business works.

  11. Bazzbian says:

    “I spent the money for it, gimi a decent bar thats hand poured” LOLZ!!! sounds like you really wanted a machine cut bar?

  12. bowserpatton says:

    @1:29 thats what she said lol

  13. silverpornUK says:

    nice! I got a 1oz handpour from ebay, as MPM do not ship to the UK!! I think that’s odd, but there you go!
    Keep stacking!

  14. MrCaryGrant59 says:

    Thanks for letting me know I will check them out

  15. Johnnyrockva says:

    First I was an Apmex guy, then I was a Gainesville Coins guy, now the best prices I find are at Silvertowne dotcom —- great prices, no shipping/hidden fees. Check em out, and keep stacking! 

  16. boochieboy814 says:

    The dents/craters are from the natural cooling process of the molten silver. They don’t pour over 10 ounces and “grind off” the excess like Ethon12 said…it’s just from the bar cooling, sometimes the silver sinks in or craters like that.  Trust me, I’ve poured numerous silver bars, I know what I’m talking about.

  17. ZZmann35 says:

    yeah! Thats what im saying

  18. ZZmann35 says:

    I get alot from MPM too. Some do come dented but the weight is still right on. As far as the credit card fee, pay with a cashiers check its no charge. They feed off people like you, just take your time and wait. Whats the big deal? Your going to hold onto it anyway. I spen Thousands of dollars and saved hundreds of fees paying with cashiers check, all in all you do have to wait but its worth it in the long. Patience is a virtue. Check out my videos. Thanks

  19. vandaley says:

    liked the video i was thinking about getting some 1 ounce but i saw they are soo small i might not now.

  20. poxbox says:

    You pay the 3% fee at walmart and cabelas. It’s built into the price of things. Although they may do better than 3%. Also, MPM doesn’t allow you to send in a personal check. It has to be a cashiers check, wire transfer, or credit card. There are other online dealers that WILL accept a personal check without a fee but you have to priority mail it to get it to them on time.
    Basically, if you are only buying a few ounces at a time, it may be worth it to go to a local coin/bullion dealer.

  21. SilverDude7890 says:

    Monarch function exactly like APMEX. They charge 3% to cover what the credit card company charges them. A lot of private gas stations offer cash discounts of 3% over credit cards.My bank charges $35 for wire fees. I try to order enough to get the most bang for the buck on shipping. PayPal charges retailers 3% + 30cents too. APMEX holds personal checks 10 days. Monarch ships 1-2 days after receiving a cashiers check. Got my order in 7 days flat. My local coin shop is waaaay to expensive.

  22. OHecklerO says:

    As someone who works with precious metal let me tell you that you get what you pay for. I deal mainly through eBay and and have to deal with all sorts of PayPal and eBay fee’s. I have to pass those costs on to customers and they are happy to pay a little extra for quality. Think about it like this, if you made an item that cost a lot for material and a lot of time and energy and equipment to make, would you be be insulted if someone just wanted to pay for the material and would you take a loss?

  23. bichettereds says:

    That fee is not a flat fee, I think its like 3% of the order, not sure if there is a cap. Theres ways around it (m.o, check, wire). I doubt the 3% fee is so they can make alittle more profit. They get charged too. If you hated the fee so much why did you order? Its still cheaper to buy from them then to get them off ebay.

    I agree with you on the dents, it kinda bugs me too, but overall I still prefer the poured look over the extruded kind. The imperfections give them character.

  24. Ethon12 says:

    Yep, congrats on your silver buy. I also apologize about about all the typos on my first comment, I was walking out the door when i typed it.