Is this junk or what? | Silver Unboxing

Is this junk or what?

A mixture of dollar & half dollars.
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SD Bullion

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5 Responses to Is this junk or what?


    Thanks for the info 7 thanks for watching….

  2. coins rus says:

    1976-1776 is the 200 years of the signing of our freedom Declarations Of Independence its the anniversary so it is a special year,,just like the two dollar bills on them it show the signing being done great pieces of history..

  3. SilverMapleLeafs says:

    Just get silver, I collected the $1 coins for fun. They are worth nothing, just the face value. I used them at stores for tips..but makes my pocket heavy.


    lol, yea from what I’ve looked up they’ll always pretty much just be worth their face value

  5. beachbumsocal says:

    they are not really worth keeping from what my coin shop says. I turned mine in for real silver. lol