Goldmart: “Just In Time” Inventory Meets Price Fluctuation | Silver Unboxing

Goldmart: “Just In Time” Inventory Meets Price Fluctuation

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25 Responses to Goldmart: “Just In Time” Inventory Meets Price Fluctuation

  1. VaccineTruth says:

    While I agree with what you are saying regarding silver supply, all we have to do is look at the ammo supply problems to see what might happen to silver or any other commodity for that matter.

  2. DayTradeShow says:

    GreatestSurvival, once more, you win.

  3. GreatestSurvival says:

    HAHA… nice try! 🙂 So yeah, just think about it, you may actually learn something. It’s ok to be wrong because you didn’t have all the infot in front of you. It’s ok, trust me. No need to feel defeated or something, because appearently that’s how you take things, the wrong way. No need for that. More people know about silver now due to the intrenet, so they will stock up. These are people who never knew ANYTHING about precious metals. Then they sit on it and not sell….. shortage!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. DayTradeShow says:

    GreatestSurvival, because I don’t see any reason, nor do I think you’ve shown me anything to which a reply is needed.

  5. GreatestSurvival says:

    Why aren’t you answering to my other two continuation posts? 🙂

  6. GreatestSurvival says:

    Don’t be closed minded about it, and actually learn something new! We can’t all think of it all…. sometimes you need to hear new things. Something you may have never thought about between all the cloud… It’s not about winning or losing, you got it all wrong. Just sit there and learn something, instead of trying to be you all the time. I know we would all like to feel like we’re right all the time, but it doesn’t work that way. Open your mind to new things, we’re in the 21st century…. 2013!

  7. GreatestSurvival says:

    So now you have more and more people stacking up, who never even knew anything about precious metals, and they keep stacking and stacking, because they don’t want to be left behind this time around. So how long before the supply dries up even more? Not long.. then how many people will sit on it FOREVER!!! To never see the light of day till that person dies, and probably way after that if the children take it and store it and never sell. Most people will just hold and never sell.. Think about it!

  8. GreatestSurvival says:

    Back then, you had to have rich uncle Charles, or dad JP, to teach you the importance of precious metals. Poor people have a hard enough time getting by, let alone being taught about precious metals. But now that we have the internet, youtube, forums… how long before this info spreads like wildfire even MORE than it already has? I personally know at least 10 people, not including myself, that learned about precious metals here on youtube!!! By accident! How many people will stack up? (continue

  9. DayTradeShow says:

    GreatestSurvival, uh, okay. You win. Apparently, I did know “it all.” Thus, you are the champion. Now, is there anything else you’d like to add?

  10. GreatestSurvival says:

    You’re problem is, you THINK you know it all…. but you really don’t. I saw your video where you show the silver price chart for 1900 till 2010 I think, and you think you know what you’re talking about, but you don’t. You’re not taking into consideration the INTERNET! Yes that’s right, the internet. You may think it’s a small thing, but it’s more powerful than you think! Something to think about…. just think about it, was there internet in 1900? Or most years? No….. (continue on next post).

  11. DayTradeShow says:

    GreatestSurvival, uh, no. I waited over two years to buy after I sold out in 2011. Now, I would certainly be “bitter” had I taken the advice of silver retailers and been hammered now.

  12. GreatestSurvival says:

    Are you just bitter because you don’t have the money to stock up? That’s exactly what it sounds like…. and that’s fine. You have the right to be bitter, I won’t hold it against you.

  13. tcorourke2007 says:

    Removing your videos has enabled you to start talking smack, eh? BTW Joe, have you sold off anymore silver?

  14. Mastinox803 says:

    You have made a great case Don, but you cannot get through to these people as silver is their religion, not an investment. That is why all those stackers rode that pony from 50$ to 23$ without selling an oz. They dont want logic, they want emotion to be their captain.

  15. Alexiscom1 says:

    Hi Don, I posted a video responce. Thanks for your work in the silver community.

  16. Alexiscom1 says:

    Good point about retails not been ready for 5-6 and 10 times oders volume. Very well may be that during this summer supply will meet demand and silver spot could be at 23$ and sold at 24$ like usual.
    But Why if supply does not met demand? Why if industrial users step in and order 1 years need in advance from the mines ? Why if “gready” institutional investors make a inusaul large purchare like 10-50 M OZ? Why if retail demand triples from last year?

  17. MomentsInTrading says:

    There is a new ‘push’ right now for the crowd to all buy silver on May 1st to ‘crash the system.’ This clearly shows lack of understanding in this area. The available physical supply will probably dry up for that week though (although the push will be planned for).
    If I ran a story that said-
    “buy all the available oranges, lead, copper,or wheat on May 1st- it will crash the farming/mining industry, which will in turn crash the entire system”-
    people would laugh. Silver is no different.

  18. MomentsInTrading says:

    Airelon’s comex default comment got flagged?
    Don, you need to do video showing that the people that right now claim that the comex is going to default have said the same thing every single year now for 5 years in a row.
    Or, you can just re-post the video you made the last time the same crowd said the comex was defaulting.

    I am giving 10:1 odds that the comex does not default before the end of June. In fact, I’ll give 50:1 odds. Surely someone wants to risk $1K for a possible $50K. Any takers?

  19. Bob Arsenault says:

    Once again, spot on. If it was hard to get, they’d be asking for much more of spot on the buy back. Appreciate you helping us to think outside the box and not get trapped by the Sinclair’s of the world telling us like Crammer, ‘buy, buy, buy, buy…’ Absolutely ridiculous. I still buy, and will continue to buy, but I know why I do. And it is not because these knucleheads telling me…’never again will you see X price, buy, buy, buy.’  Continue truth telling!!

  20. sang3Eta says:

    I suspect it’s nothing to do with just in time delivery and more to do with they sold it short in the futures market. Technically the stock sat on their shelves is sold, but it only moves if the contract times out and the buyer doesn’t want to settle in cash and wants delivery.

  21. angeldustnights3001 says:

    Rio Tinto mine only produces 3 million ounces of silver per annum which is nowhere near the 16% that one certain website was talking about!

  22. addbball says:

    Thank you for your response Don. I just don’t agree that we should ‘naturally’ see higher premiums on 90% silver coins. Those coins should go for the current spot price. There were higher premiums on 90% silver coins back in 2008 (at the bottom). I believe we are at or are near a bottom for silver.

  23. DayTradeShow says:


  24. DayTradeShow says:

    addbball, 90% silver (aka junk) are not minted anymore. Every year less available, and less coming on market, and more hoarded. Remember, eBay did not exist a generation ago. Where it used to be easy to find that stuff, it’s harder and harder. Thus, you should see higher premiums on that stuff naturally.

  25. overlordsshadow says:

    I ordered from Gainsville earlier this week on the severe drop but wow was it hard to get through on the phone and they said my payment would take longer than usual to process and that shipping would be about twice as long as normal before it went out. Fair price but 28.50 per ounce by the time shipping and currency exchange was done.