2005 1 oz Kookaburra Close Up | Silver Unboxing

2005 1 oz Kookaburra Close Up

Sometimes the stock photos on sites like APMEX and Provident Metals don’t capture the true beauty of a coin. For this reason, I have made a video show casing…

SD Bullion

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4 Responses to 2005 1 oz Kookaburra Close Up

  1. artifactman660 says:

    neat coin!

  2. 26flash26 says:

    Beautiful coin

  3. RetroDr78 says:

    Yah, I wouldn’t recommend buying many of them. I only have 5 kookaburras from various years. They are nice to look at but like you said, the premium is pretty high.

  4. Schwarze999 says:

    Amazing coin, only downside is the premiums you have to pay on them