1 Kilo Pamp Suisse Silver | Silver Unboxing

1 Kilo Pamp Suisse Silver

1 Kilo Pamp Suisse Silver

1 Kilo Silver Libertad, 1 Kilo Silver Argor, 1 Kilo Perth Mint Year of The Dragon, 1000 gram silver Pamp Suisse.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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13 Responses to 1 Kilo Pamp Suisse Silver

  1. silvermad1 says:

    love that kilo pamp

  2. Chris Silver says:

    Is this a hard case packaging?

  3. bulliondotcomdotcom says:

    If I was stacking with my heart, it would be all kilo Libertads.

  4. BEXAR CADDY says:

    The premium doesn’t bother me, in the long run it will pay off.

  5. BEXAR CADDY says:


  6. BEXAR CADDY says:

    I didn’t like the plastic packaging at first but it grew on me.

  7. Chris Silver says:

    That Mexican Libertad coin is so nice, I hadn’t seen these as a 1kg coin before, the detailing looks so raised. And that Pamp Suisse lady for tuna 1kg is sweet, I hate the look of the plastic packaging it comes in though.

  8. GreatestSurvival says:

    How much did the 1000 gram Pamp cost you? Thanks for sharing, nice video!

  9. mesatop5 says:

    Leaves ya speechless, don’t it?!

  10. Brian TheLog says:

    Anything kilo gets my blood going great stuff man

  11. Silversing69 says:

    That is a great video. I LOVE the Libertad kilo. Congrats and thanks for sharing. I subbed.

  12. elvis presley says:

    Very nice stack!

  13. Emi J says:

    Woo! Really nice bars! They must have come with a big premium!!!