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Small Unboxing

100 x 1 gram silver bar – Valcambi CombiBar Valcambi’s innovative, divisible bar format turned heads in the bullion market when the first 1g x 50 gold bar wa…
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25 Responses to Small Unboxing

  1. greg williams says:


  2. Cdn Silver Arrow says:

    Those are really neat. I just ordered some and can’t wait to get them. I’ve always thought in the post fiat world, how am I going to get change for the bread I bought with my 1Oz silver? Start sawing my Maple, Eagle or Libertad up?

  3. greg williams says:

    Very good analogy – hopefully the banksters will soon land on ”go to jail, do not pass go, do not collect 2billion dollars” – and yes i think the late comers will only be buying the fractionals, it could well be that 1gr will be the price of an oz today. $_$

  4. hotneo7 says:

    Stacking silver is like that Monopoly board game. The big ounces are like Boardwalk and Park Place and if you own it the other players rarely land on it to justify it. But if you own smaller ounces like owning all the cheap blocks on the board you could get more for your money, other players will land on it more often making you rich quicker. It will take some time, the masses will come around to precious metal very late and only the fractionals will be ‘affordable/in demand’ like gold.

  5. greg williams says:

    Totally agree! If a loaf of bread costs 1gr AG, most are going to have to pay 1ozAG and say, ”Keep the change.” haha

  6. hotneo7 says:

    Just pulled the trigger on this. Can’t wait to get it. I think that if someone is able to design, manufacture, and market this then they must have insight into what is about to happen worldwide after the dollar loses reserve status. When the dollar dies like all fiat before it then gold and silver becomes the default money and it’s a headache to trade in big ounces on something so small when you could give exact change with this. The premium is high over $30 an oz but grams will be the new oz.

  7. greg williams says:

    I hear ya…a lot are in the same boat i think…i want some gold, but i believe silver is the better play until the gold/silver ratio comes down to at least 40or50:1 – then i might swap some silver for some gold :-)))

  8. drush525 says:

    I agree 100%. I started buying about two years ago and fell in love with these the first time I saw them. Would love to be in a spot financially to but one in gold, but that just isn’t going to happen on my salary.

  9. greg williams says:

    Yeah thats what I had in mind when i purchased it, and its not ”if the monetary system fails”, I believe its ”when” – every day it gets closer and closer. Those comments about not being able to imagine it happening, I just ignore them lol – those that ignore history are destined to repeat it 🙂

  10. sally rush says:

    These are exceptional and a great idea. To the person who posted the comment about not being able to imagine a time in the future when these would be worth trading. You may be surprised. If the monetray system fails, silver would raise to the correct value which is over $8000 and ounce. These may be just the ticket for making change.

  11. Michael Silver says:

    Like the Valbambi, got 20 x 10 gram. Must get som 1 gram.

  12. caleb530e says:

    Of silver

  13. caleb530e says:

    Like a Hersey bar

  14. Chris Silver says:

    Hopefully silver goes to 10,000 a kilo, then those will be worth 10 each lol. I do like them but 1oz is small enough for me, though I agree these are nice looking and pretty awesome. Would be cool if people actually used them as currency! You get a new sheet from the ATM machine every time you withdrew money.

  15. greg williams says:

    but what if something is 32gr or 33gr instead of 31.10? or silver ”does” go to the moon – there’s all kinds of scenario’s that come into play. :-))

  16. Chris Silver says:

    “my smallest silver was 1oz, but I wanted something smaller” you want bigger not smaller! These are pretty cool though, but hard to imagine a time in the future when 1g of silver will be worth trading for something / selling on its own. These are a novel idea though.

  17. greg williams says:

    Yeah they are high, but the reason i got it was that i wanted small fractional silver, and junk silver is very difficult to find here in Australia because it has out of circulation since 1965 when we changed from pounds to dollars + here there is no tax on bullion but 10% on junk, so it works out cheaper for me to buy bullion – thanks for watching 🙂

  18. RevLiSdLloGmp says:

    I like these but I find their premiums to be high….

  19. Silver Stackz says:

    Hi, anyone know where I can buy one of these on the UK

  20. Wen Jing Yifan says:

    It’s called premiums. Some people like the divisibility of these bars so they are willing to buy them. I will buy a few when I have more cash flow but my silver core stack is in 90%.

  21. Wen Jing Yifan says:

    Greg, you really could have waited and used a nicer camera!

  22. SilvaLiberationFront says:

    143$ plus 60$ to the states or 185$ on ebay… 🙁 so you are spending 203$ on silver only worth 89.11$ at current prices. THATS 2 and a half times more than its worth!! holy smokes! why would you buy that!?

  23. 2hearitnow says:

    I think they are a great idea that you can break off a gram at a time but a oz of silver is now under $30 or $1 per gram… the 100 gram valcambi bar sells for $143. When the price goes down on these bars to the price of silver coins I’ll buy… but for now I’ll pass.

  24. xcvsdxvsx says:

    you have to be a SERIOUS bull to expect to need 1 gram increments, i like your style.

  25. greg williams says:

    they are really really tiny – but i love it :-)