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silvertowne 10oz bar!.MOV

Hey guys! I just got this 10oz silvertowne bar! Its is really nice. I bought it for 9 and that is a great price, saved on shipping. Well thanks for watchi…
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25 Responses to silvertowne 10oz bar!.MOV

  1. baklash84 says:

    I’m gonna order a 10oz bar also from Silvertowne

  2. GoPadres619 says:

    Love the silvertowne

  3. lifelessperson1993 says:

    Nice! I got the SilverTowne 5oz, nice pocket piece to bring around, I want a 10 oz! 🙂 cheers!

  4. coinsandguitar says:

    Too bad I sold. Thanks for the comment

  5. Sheograthkiller says:

    Now $34.68

  6. fightnight47364 says:

    Beautiful collection, but dont forget the AG. motto bro, after every video ALWAYS KEEP SILVER ALIVE BY SAYING TO YOUR VIEWERS “KEEP STACKING “.

  7. coinsandguitar says:

    Silver was higher in this video, yes silver has dropped.

  8. coinsandguitar says:

    this was awhile ago. Silver has dropped quite a bit since ive bought this bar?

  9. Ryan Hansell says:

    right now as im typing this, its 26.35 spot. that same bar you bought is 278 at providentmetals . so if you pay 33 today as you claim is a good price, you’re paying $6.20 over spot per ounce. why do that? get it for the lowest you can. I never deal with local shops because they always want crazy premiums.

  10. coinsandguitar says:

    $33 is a great price. Im in it for the long term. Silver is going to go pass $33. And I live in Canada.

  11. Ryan Hansell says:

    $329 Is high for whatbthe market has been for the last month & half. You should really, really check out providential metals for the best prices. I just picked up my 14th 10oz NTR bar for $295 shipped

  12. 12CeeSee says:

    Perty! I love the Silvertowne 10oz bars,as well as the NorthWest Territorial and Pan American.I’ve got a Silvertowne scheduled to be delivered early next week,in fact

  13. coinsandguitar says:

    aha 10oz is fine;)

  14. SilverTowneLP says:

    @coinsandguitar – thanks for the video shoutout – glad you like your SilverTowne 10oz silver bar!

  15. Irishsilverstack says:

    Thats a big haul man. nice

  16. silvermad1 says:

    well done, keep stacking

  17. johnnieace45 says:

    I think the Kilo is next on your list followed by the 100 oz bar 🙂

  18. coinsandguitar says:

    will do! and thanks 🙂

  19. coinslayer141 says:

    wow man thats really great keep stacking and great 10oz bar

  20. coinsandguitar says:

    do you have a video of them?

  21. coinsandguitar says:


  22. coinsandguitar says:


  23. Silvergolds1 says:

    good job!

  24. crazyjojp says:

    I bought three 10oz A-Mark bars from the 1980’s. Your bars are so sweet.

  25. coinsandguitar says:

    Will do. Thanks

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