silver/gold Demand and Price Divergence through April 2013 | Silver Unboxing

silver/gold Demand and Price Divergence through April 2013

Summary of records broken in the past month, as demand for the precious metals in physical form accelerates. Then an updated Divergence graph using the final…
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25 Responses to silver/gold Demand and Price Divergence through April 2013

  1. ytgv3fc7 says:

    more silver bars going out of stock for good on silvergoldbull – glad I got my deliveries! I will have choose carefully about non-silver purchases before buying more stacks for now but I certainly have it on my radar

  2. MrBesseggen says:

    facts backed up stats + intelligent comments. A rare combination on Youtube.

  3. toprun95 says:

    Thank you for an intelligent and informative video.

  4. ytgv3fc7 says:

    makes sense from a “rational market” rationale but in reality the markets tend not to act this way for anything. people are notoriously bad at picking tops & bottoms but try to wait till it’s “on its way up” and wait too long to buy, and wait too long to sell. This is unusual but with mass high-speed communications like youtube, twitter, etc., people are learning quickly to anticipate any deal for what it is.

  5. ytgv3fc7 says:

    while you might find this a pain in the ass, if you have time I recommend this:
    GIMP for windows (it’s from Linux) which is a powerful photoshop clone (free). You can paste layers over each other easily & make them partially transparent, re-scale them, etc.
    Also in openoffice you can produce 2 charts and drag one over the other and set the top one to be partially transparent OR ELEMENTS of the chart (like just the lines and background, not the labels)

  6. Raycheetah says:

    I’m guessing Uncle Sam is regretting that law requires him to produce sufficient Gold and Silver “Eagles” to meet demand, which could prove embarrassing on a couple of fronts. Of course, according to the US Constitution, a Gold “Eagle” is a $10 coin containing 0.516 troy ounces of pure Gold, alloyed with Silver for durability (this changed in 1837 to a Copper alloyed coin containing 0.48375 troy ounces of pure Gold). Sammy was screwing with the money, even then. ='[.]’=

  7. cxw14590 says:

    The drutter divergence. Pure class.

  8. drutter says:

    Sorry, I’ve stopped explaining that aspect of the chart, because I’ve gone over it so many times now.
    On this version of the divergence chart I’m scaling silver’s yearly high price down by a factor of 3.27, just to get the silver chart to line up on the same scale as demand. You could do it other ways, such as how Mike Maloney does it, by overlaying an actual silver spot chart on the demand graph.

  9. cxw14590 says:

    What scale are you using for silver price on the y axis on the divergence chart? There are no numbers.

  10. drutter says:

    Actually, that’s the whole point of the divergence – it DOESN’T make sense! The market has always bought high, and stopped buying when the price is low, as shown by the chart. Only in the past few months has demand diverged from price, and nobody knows why.

  11. halfasheep says:

    thanks drutter, appreciate the graphs and info. Fabricated consumer silver coins and bars are surely seeing a general rise in demand and thus shortages here and there. I’m not sure whats is happening regarding industrial demand for silver though. As everyone knows, it is the largest slice of the silver pie. …yet…at the same time silver is the little lap dog that follows gold on the spot price paper realm roller coaster.

  12. the90salways says:

    Are premiums aver coming down?

  13. weizenale says:

    Makes sense people are buying when the price is low..

  14. weizenale says:

    aren’t the gold numbers high because India and China are buying at record numbers?

  15. Alexiscom1 says:

    Some of the ASE demand will be deturned to generic silver in 2013, we may not see the projected record in sales if premiums are kept at 20-25%. I would love to see Sun shine mint sales data for 2012 and 2013.

  16. Alexiscom1 says:

    Thank for the research. ASE sales is almost 5% of annual silver production in 2011 (36M OZ / 750 M OZ). I think they are taking silver from other uses to melt investment silver. My question will be where US Mint is sourcing their silver for 2013? If projectec demand is 45 M ASE who will provide the silver?
    I think Dealers are discouraging ASE sale by high premium around 6$ or 25%. It just makes more sence to buy lower premium generic bullion at 1.5-2.5$ over spot.

  17. maddog7667 says:

    excellent video

  18. GuildF40 says:

    Fonzd mate

  19. Aj Jaswal says:

    SICK video brooo thanks a lot !!!!!!!!!!

  20. Tom The English Picker says:

    I think it’s crazy the contrast between demand and falling spot price. Fo me as someone who scraps a lot it has a big impact on my business

  21. eufibu123 says:

    Best analysis!!! Thank you!

  22. barleyLEGALdotCA says:

    Good job.

  23. endlessmountain says:

    thank you

  24. drutter says:

    I hear that a few other people did that as well.

  25. 2001lextalionis says:

    I bought some more yesterday