Silver Unboxing – Two Poured 10 oz GA Bars (VR to Bigstackmcgee) | Silver Unboxing

Silver Unboxing – Two Poured 10 oz GA Bars (VR to Bigstackmcgee)

Here’s two 10 ozt Golden Analytical bars I bought off Monarch Precious Metals’ website. Shout out to Bigstackmcgee for the heads up on the low price; thanks …
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13 Responses to Silver Unboxing – Two Poured 10 oz GA Bars (VR to Bigstackmcgee)

  1. SilverShareHolder says:

    Nice bars. Awesome!

  2. J Sch says:

    Thanks! Well actually I just put the bar by my feet and wanted to block my face out some what while retrieving it haha. However, you can see my face in another video though, so I give up lol. Thanks for stopping by you buttertoothpunk 🙂


    Very nice! I also enjoyed the blurring of your hiding spot! hahahah

  4. greg williams says:

    you’re totally right. The poured do feel different in the hand, very different from something pounded into shape under tons of preasure.
    Looking forward to seeing your dimes. I live in Australia but our junk silver is a bit boring lol – the US stuff has so much history behind it. Actually morgans are my favourite coin and i have quite a few of those and peace dollars, i did a vid on the ones that i have.

  5. J Sch says:

    Thanks! I have been on poured bar craze lately. I just love being able to handle them with no worries and they feel so good in the hand. Hopefully later this week though I’ll have an unboxing video of a roll of AU Roosevelt dimes I picked up on eBay!

  6. greg williams says:

    Very very nice mate. I love poured bars. – – – mmm…poured :-P~~~

  7. J Sch says:

    Thanks so much mkm. My mom has always been a picker of sorts. Going to antique shops and things like that. The real value as well as the luster of silver (and gold) though has really sparked her interest and desire to acquire more and more. I’m very jealous of her one month stack.

  8. J Sch says:

    He should! At least some money for referring someone. I gave MPM over $450 of my business because of Bigstack..

  9. mkmstillstackin says:

    Looks like ooole Bigstack started us a rally goin here!! The Golden Analytical 2 pack!! sweet! Those are very nice! Fantastic that you and your mom stack together. wicked awesome!

  10. EpicRV says:

    Big stack should be getting a royalty!

  11. silvermad1 says:

    cool bars, well done.