SILVER: New Purchases!!! 40+ Ounces | Silver Unboxing

SILVER: New Purchases!!! 40+ Ounces

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  1. Al C says:

    That morgan dollar with silver over the date means it was most likely a piece of jewelry that someone removed.

  2. TimODon87 says:

    You must have a great paying job to buy all this

  3. royalfreaklion says:

    Do you check the density of the silver bars/rounds you buy??

  4. Silver Prepper says:

    Right on man…keep stacking the physical bullion. I sub’d you up…check out my channel and sub if you like. 🙂

  5. LoneAxiom says:

    Nice finds, especially a 1940 Canadian silver dime in change. And that 1 kg. silver bar…..sick!! Keep posting!! Subbed 😉

  6. maximuslaurius says:

    Presumably the National bar was part of a horoscope series? might be worth a bit if you could find them all…

  7. accardi4life says:

    That morgan dollar “metal thing” could’ve been caused by the machinery that’s used to stamp the coins. It could be a “rare mistake coin” like the 1955 double die penny.

  8. accardi4life says:

    Found a 1964 silver dime 🙂 I now have 2 silver quarters and 4 silver dimes….AWESOME!

  9. Brickboyn13 says:

    about that morgan maybe it was a secret key date and someone didn’t want u to know that it was LOL jk awesome buys man

  10. Cruzinon22s says:

    How much did u pay for the big one?

  11. 07350z says:

    7/10 would watch again

  12. samtheman773 says:


  13. coins rus says:

    Nice stuff

  14. c0inb0y34 says:

    yor back check out y vids

  15. johnnieace45 says:

    Dig those swirles on the back of the Apmex bar. Congrats on the purchase

  16. Taylor Webb says:

    Nice newps… 😉

  17. samtheman773 says:

    i know! thanks for watching

  18. samtheman773 says:

    maybe! 😀 thanks for watching and keep stacking

  19. samtheman773 says:

    thanks alot!

  20. samtheman773 says:

    awesome! thanks for watching!

  21. samtheman773 says:

    thanks alot! thanks for watching

  22. samtheman773 says:

    carpet is back! thanks for watching!!

  23. samtheman773 says:

    awesome! thanks for watching

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