Provident metals unboxing | Silver Unboxing

Provident metals unboxing

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  1. jkrogstad5 says:

    U seem pretty cool. I agree. Provident is the best. Keep stacking

  2. cooldog60 says:

    Is their shipping fast?

  3. followingYAHWEH says:

    @firechill, @ekim2512 thanks, yea I get the maples b/c of purity and they have higher face value, I can’t call what’s gonna happen in the future but I like the fact that they are the purest and hold the highest face value

  4. firechill says:

    yeah he actually said in the video that the $5 face value was one of the reasons he bought it. it got me thinking…

  5. Mike Shelton says:

    Not sure they choose the Maples because of the face value. It might be the .9999 purity as opposed to the .999 purity of the Eagles or the (usually) lower price. However, you are right. In a serious deflationary event — and I mean serious — $5 Canadian will definitely be more attractive than $1 US. The U.S. will probably never change the face value because the “silver” dollar has such a long history.

  6. firechill says:

    yeah I really think the US needs to change that face value on the silver eagles… you are right that it doesn’t matter, but many people choose the silver maples because.. hey $5 or $1? nice video